Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waitin for Lost

So Tyson and I were killing time while we waited for Lost to fill our DVR. We like to fast forward through all the commercials. Tyson was being all cute taking a few self portraits and I ... well, I am what I am.

Sorry about the little patch of back-skin showing. I didn't realize how glaringly obvious my immodesty was.


  1. It's funny the things we notice about ourselves!

  2. This makes me giggle because he is so oblivious to your craziness behind him. Hey---where is your mom these days???? Getting Ad ready for the mish????

  3. Eeeew, back skin! :)

    So, Lost... um... why is it they answer questions just to turn around and confuse the heck out of you all over again!?

    I can't wait until next season!