Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Justin Bieber, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie collide

I was going to blog about this tender moment that Logan and I shared, but after writing it all up and reading it over I decided that it was interesting to no one but me. So I saved it for myself and chose to write about something else only interesting to me.

Logan's hair/celebrity impersonations.

Tyson and I love to compare actors to other actors and to people we know. I figure we are not very good at it because we usually disagree but still, it's fun. For example: Tyson thinks our neighbor totally looks like Giada De Laurentiis and I say no way.

Anyway, sometimes when Logan wakes up his hair brings to my mind certain celebrities. Such as The Bieber.
Then there was one that I thought looked like David Bowie...
But then Tyson's mom suggested Rod Stewart and to that I say yes.

At any rate, the hair had to go so we subjected Logan to the trauma of haircut number 2.

This time actually went a lot better. Tyson held him and we sang songs while Logan squeezed his eyes shut and went to his happy place. Kinda like this.
End result?
Cutest baby ever!

In other Lowder news:
Tyson's birthday was yesterday! Happy birthday my love!

He gets hunkier every day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You have to hide from your baby.

While eating cookies behind the counter.

Not everything has to be shared.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

I believe that when people say you have a "busy" child what they really mean is "I pity the fool who dun have to raise this kid 'cause I bet her house looks like a tornado went through it".

And it does.

This also means that I am the mother at the grocery store who, after her child begs and pleads to be let out of the cart (including doing the sign for please, so cute) is released with promises of staying close only to immediately dismantle the entire sympathy section of the greeting card aisle in 3.5 seconds or less.

Would you like to see a small sample of the mayhem from just this morning? Really just an hour of this morning. He was on a rampage the likes of which I could not control which left me wondering where the boy who twirled to music and played in one place with his blocks went.

He does have some consistency to his destruction almost as if there are little rules in his head.

Rule one: Any surface easily reached by baby must be covered with random pilfered objects, preferably containers of some sort. Stacking is encouraged.
Yes, that is my bottle from the hospital. What? It makes a great toy. Once cleaned.

Rule two: Laundry in baskets will be freed from their confines at baby's earliest convenience. This leaves the basket free for easy pushing. If laundry is not readily available any well organized fabric will do.
For example, I was a friend's house practicing a song for church on Sunday and in the few minutes he was away from us he had completely emptied her drawer of dish towels. Nice.

Rule three: Books do not belong on shelves. It is good for baby to practice reading like mom and dad but if baby has no time to read the books should be thrown as quickly as possible around the room.
Rule four: Feminine hygiene products must be strewn about the bathroom and bedroom. While in public, all products will be removed from the purse and put on display for all to see. This is best accomplished while mom is distracted to maximize embarrassment.

There are no pictures of this one. You're welcome.

Rule five: After a particularly successful morning of tormenting and exhausting mom DO NOT take a nap. The adrenaline from being chased by her all day will aid in your success.
So, yeah. That was my day. Never fear though, solace was found in a bag of chocolate chips hidden in the car while I ran errands with Logan. (Note to self: no more going to the post office with him. Another section of cards successfully destroyed.) And of course this happened on the way home.

So, in order to balance out his insanity with a little insanity of my own I have multiple projects going on. I've decided to decorate our bedroom. Can I just say that painting went a lot faster before he was born? It was even better than this after he was born but while he stayed in an exersaucer. Now I can only do it while he naps.

But wait... no nap today of course so I'm stalled out there.

I also rufflefied the pearly toilet seat. So. Much. Better.

Coffee filters. Brilliant. Not me brilliant, of course. Whoever came up with this idea that I happily copied is the genius here.

AND I decided to make another wreath (I know, I'm obsessed) which I think will look nice in our bedroom if I can ever get it painted. My goal is to have it look like this one from Under The Table and Dreaming.
Yeah... these paper rosettes take a long time to make. This craft is not for the faint of heart, no no. I've been making the rosettes a few at a time and storing them in this jar in the meantime.

Also, I've been crocheting leper bandages in my spare (huh?) time to donate to lepers in Vietnam. They are supposed to be done by Feb 1 for this year's shipment and I just don't think that is going to happen. Oh well. They'll get there eventually.

And I'm in rambling mode. It's time to go. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little light reading

Today Logan grabbed one of my books, propped it on a chair, and began flipping pages while he went number two.

Looks like a lack of privacy combined with a love of books has taught my boy something new.

Not that he learned it from me.

I thought I would show you a few photos from my daily bi-weekly run. I pretty much do the same route every time because even though it's boring, it's safe. In other words, I'm not afraid that a dog is going to come out of nowhere and attack my baby forcing me to jump in front of him and block the bite with my forearm, thus sacrificing myself and any chance of becoming an arm model, while trying to call 911 and flag down a passing car.

These are the things I think of while I'm running.

Let's get to the pictures, shall we?

Lest you think my run is all green grass and beautiful scenes here's a shot of what I mostly look at.

 And here's a little something that needs to be addressed.
WHO lets their dog poo on the sidewalk? People who do this deserve a bag of this stuff burning on their front porch.

Okay, maybe that's a little extreme.

But maybe not. It's so rude! Look, some poor soul stepped in this one. Probably some unsuspecting girl pushing her non-jogging stroller... DOH!
 Just kidding, it wasn't me.

Would you believe there is a trailer park at the end of this tree lined street?

With horses right next door too.

It was at this point that Logan looked up at me and said "Mother, if you stop this stroller one more time I am going to get out and walk home."
Sorry son.

Here is a (bad) shot of our neighborhood from the street. 
 And here it is a couple years ago right after we moved in when there were only a few houses. Crazy! So much has changed.
I shall end this post with a cute, albeit unrelated, picture of Logan.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week in review

This week was the first week back to normal after Tyson's Christmas break. The lack of adult conversation during the day, plus not getting to talk to my mom much this week means I have all this pent up stuff just waiting to get out.

Stuff that only a mother wants to hear.

But guess what?

She didn't get to hear it, so now you do. Lucky you :)

This morning Logan threw Tyson's measuring tape into a bowl of cereal. I don't have much more to say about that.

Went for my first run since Thanksgiving. Whoops! It felt good though. I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

Went to a baby shower! I love baby showers. All the anticipation of a brand new life and the joy that brings. Also, tiny clothes! I made a little hat and scarf for the baby to be.
 But before I made one for her, I had to do a practice one for Logan, right? Babies in hats: irresistible.
For some reason this day was really hard. Logan and I had different goals in mind for the day (climbing the stairs vs. making dinner) and it made for a frustrating day for both of us. Luckily Tyson doesn't mind cereal for dinner every once in a while. And, lucky for me, I got to escape the house that night and hang out with my young women.

Got to make the Martha Stewart chicken that I was intending for Wednesday! It was a little touch and go (there was one point where something was smoking and I just closed the oven door hoping it would go away, it actually did) but everything turned out great!

Logan and I also took a little trip to Nordstrom Rack to exchange a few things. He totally made up for Wednesday by being a total champ while I spent an hour trying things on and exploring the store. It's amazing what a few an entire bag of goldfish can do.

Ouch. Bad mom moment. Logan and I were walking out of the bathroom together and instead of being on my left side, like he usually is, he was on my right. I opened the door (kinda fast too, yikes!) and clocked the poor kid right in the face.

He was tough, didn't cry too hard, and the lump on his forehead meant he got to wear his hat all day ;) I felt really bad though.

We also had craft day and after working on a wreath all night I felt like it maybe wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to. I asked Tyson's opinion and he called it the pearly toilet seat.

Definitely not the look I was going for.

Guess it's still a work in progress.

And that concludes our week in review! Tyson is home on the weekends so I don't have anything bottled up from then.

Happy January everyone! Good luck with those resolutions.