Friday, January 29, 2010

She's a man, baby!

I've heard from several different people that Logan is a pretty baby. I'm not sure if people say that because they are embarrassed after mistaking him for a girl, which has happened more than once, or if they just don't know what to say, or if they don't mean it or what, but I think it's kinda true. With those rosy cheeks, pink lips, and ever growing eyelashes (lucky!) gosh darn it he is pretty! (even with the goofy grin, drool, and bad lighting) Granted, I am his mother so it's not like I'm going to think any differently.

Speaking of his mother...

I was mistaken for a boy while fishing with my dad once. Taking into consideration it was many years ago, I had a hat on, and the guy who said it may or may not have been drinking, it was probably a valid mistake. But still. Scarred for life. It took some serious assistance from La Puberty before I stopped wondering if I looked like a boy everytime I left the house.

Last night two nights ago, we had our first dance practice for dance festival with the youth and I had to dance the boy's part because we were a little short in the male arena. I had to rewire my lifetime of incredible dance training in order to do everything backward but I think I was a pretty sweet partner. Especially after one of the girls told me later that I was way better than the boy partner she was with later that night. Yes my child, do not expect a 14 year old boy to have my natural grace and charisma on the dance floor. It cannot be done.

I guess I just make a better boy than girl sometimes.

Monday, January 25, 2010

4 months

Well, today we have hit our four month mark. And in honor of this monumental day, we had a doctor's appointment of course! Once again I shall share with you the obligatory stats.

Weight: 15 lbs - 55%
Height: 25.5 in - 75%
Head: 42.5 cm - 60%

So he seems to be putting his energy into getting taller these days. Fine by me! The doctor says he is doing great and seems to be right on track developmentally. He also got more shots :-( and let's just say I will not be ripping these band-aids off. That was a lesson I only needed to learn once.

I've also learned a few other things while raising a 4 month old. Such as...

- Your parents were not always dorky. They became that way trying to entertain you all day long.
- That I can wear a ponytail every day for weeks on end. I'm not even sure how long my hair is at this point.
- An all liquid diet + still learning how to swallow = drool for everyone.
- That what was cool yesterday is lame today (I believe this continues throughout the teenage years).
- The smell of spit up is directly proportional to the amount of time it has spent in the stomach.
- It is never too early to go to bed.
- It is way hard to maintain a baby's fingernail length.
- You can pass toothpaste off as spit up and suddenly you're not a slob anymore.
- No matter what they tell you at Wal-mart baby vitamins do NOT taste good. This is why the child is gagging.
- There is nothing like the smell of what collects in a baby's neck rolls.
- Or behind their ears.
- It is not a good smell.
- The louder they are during the day, the sweeter they look while they sleep.
- Of all the toys on the floor it's always the remote/cell phone/dust bunny that ends up in their mouth.
- The joy of rolling over for the first time can be quickly overshadowed by a freak out caused by certain parents' exuberant cheering.
- A mirror can be fun 1,000 times a day.
- You know this because you are willing to do anything they find fun 1,000 times.

And here is our boy through the last four months.

brand new

one month

two months

three months

four months

(And yes, those pajamas do say "!!WACK!!" and "happy" all over them. I dunno, they were on sale.)

I can't wait to see how our cutie continues to develop!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome to the land of crazy

I miss the blog! I know it hasn't really been that long since I posted but I've just been too busy to even think about blogging and it makes me sad. I don't want the blog to die. Ever! When blogging goes out of style I think a little piece of my heart will break.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired, but I hosted book club tonight and since the "boys" were in bed when everyone left I found myself downstairs with a little bit of quiet time and I thought I would try and write a little something up.

But not much is coming to me. Wanna hear about my week?

Well, I've been trying to clean our spare/junk/craft explosion room. It's not going very well. One small success is that I've finally organized my crocheting stuff. You know how I love to crochet after all. Guess what I found.

No less than three (3) striped blue and white scarves.

All of them unfinished (among many other unfinished projects).

Clearly I thought the blue and white striped thing was brilliant and original each time I started a new scarf and then realized I would never wear it and abandoned it only to start a new one months (years?) later. No wonder Tyson thinks I'm crazy. I most likely am.

Also, Tyson and I tried to go on a date this week. With the kid. It was probably doomed before it even began but we thought we would give it a shot.

Our first idea was to go to the less expensive movie theatre because if the boy acted up we could leave and not feel guilty about wasting a ton of money at the movies.

Well, the acting up began before we could even get out the door so we nixed that thought. Ok, how about bowling? That way we can just transfer the baby between us as we take our turns.

Nope, an hour wait for a lane blew that idea out of the water.

How about mini golf?

Denied. Indoor mini golf course - vanished, gone, poof, out of business I imagine.

Fine, we'll rent a movie, order pizza and just go home.

Put the movie in the player and... bad disk.


Luckily Tyson got it to play on the laptop so all was not lost. And at the end of the day I think we both had a good time.

Sorry that the title of this post made you think it would be a good one, but it's not. I'm going to keep writing anyway, but not for much longer.

I tried to have a photo shoot with the boy.

He's such a trooper.

A trooper who is still slightly lacking in upper body strength. Good thing the ladies aren't quite looking for that yet.

And finally, I'll finish this post off with a horrible horrible picture of me from when Tyson and I were engaged. One that I vowed to never show anyone, but alas, the hour is late and what used to seem hideous now seems funny. I'll most likely regret this in the morning.

I know, right? I am so lucky that he didn't take the ring back after this. He looks so studly and tan and I? A little slice of crazy. Can't say he didn't know what he was getting in to.

P.S. I'm finally using the new editor on blogger and I cannot see a spell check button. Is there one? Having no spell check totally stresses me out.

Amen and goodnight.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our life these days.

So I almost never put videos on my blog because I feel like no one watches them. Or maybe I just never watch videos. Besides when I do sometimes. I guess I just really like to read what people have to say instead. But maybe you like videos? Guess I'll find out.

Sorry if you already saw this video on my facebook page. I just had to put in on the blog (once I figured how to get it on here).

And if you want a more accurate description of what our life is like...

Um, yeah...

Friday, January 8, 2010

I swear I haven't given up blogging

Just wanted to let you know I'm still here!

Logan is going through a phase (I'm calling it a phase because if this lasts forever I may go insane) where he needs me ALL THE TIME. Yes, that was capitalized and italicized. He needs me in a if I don't shower and brush my teeth before he fully wakes up it will not happen until Tyson gets home kinda way.

He is fussing as I write this because I'm not talking to him.

He won't sleep anywhere but in my arms.

He won't be anywhere that I am not.

He won't look at anyone but me (and himself in the mirror).

He has contributed to my new year's weight loss goals by only allowing me to eat a banana and wheat thins each day or anything else I can quickly grab one handed.

He is not really being cranky, just so so needy.

He has never been more fun.

He has never been more of a drain on my energy.

And, until he learns how to nap somewhere besides me, blogging may be on the back burner.


Have I mentioned that I love him?

Monday, January 4, 2010

I suppose it's time I blog again. Also, Happy New Year!

For some reason I have a really hard time blogging about big events, like say, Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc. Pretty sure it's because I'm kicking back having a grand old time and I forget to take pictures, then I feel like I have nothing to show after all that fun. Oh well.

I decided that I would just put up the pictures I did take (in between eating milky ways out of my stocking) and use those to sum up this last week and half.

Logan has discovered his reflection and thoroughly enjoyed giggling at himself in the balls. He also likes to look at himself in the mirror and doesn't seem perturbed at all that the baby in the mirror is also being held by his mom.

Here we are on Christmas Eve. I was trying to keep Logan's fist out of his mouth for 2 seconds so we could see his face. He was none too happy about it, but we caught a moment in between hollers of frustration.

After a talent show at the In-laws where kids sang and Tyson and I played a lovely viola/trumpet duet, plus delicious food and a reading of Luke, Logan was ready for bed and I was wishing he wasn't in the 75% for weight.

Don't want Santa to forget about us!

Tyson (who prefers to wake at 5 Christmas morning) was struggling to stay in bed while we waited for Logan to get up. I'll admit the tree doesn't glow quite as bright when Christmas is celebrated after the sun comes up.

Is it bad that we only got him a couple things and didn't even bother to wrap them? We figure he won't so much remember this Christmas...

Bumbo ahoy!

Here I am with the best present ever!

A screwdriver!

Ok, it might not have been my favorite gift but it is a very useful one indeed. Thanks mom! :-) Reminds me of the year that my dad put tools in our stockings so we could help him around the house. I've never been so confused by a wire bristled brush.

No, I must say the best present came in this little box. Inside? A three stone sapphire ring set in white gold. Oh be still my heart!

Sapphires are Logan's birthstone and I'd been dreaming of a ring like this since I found out he was going to be due in September. I felt like I was in a jewelry commercial and I had the "every kiss begins with Kay" song stuck in my head for hours after.

Even though the ring was from Fred Meyer.

Sorry there isn't a picture of the ring. I forgot to take one of course. And why, you may be wondering, am I in different clothes on what should be the same morning? Well, we took this picture the next day for posterity. Because we forgot Christmas morning.

A few days later, better late than never I suppose, we got snow!

I should have taken one after the four inches fell.

And just for fun and randomness' sake, here's one of our little stud in an outfit he got for Christmas.

Actually two because I couldn't decide which one I liked better.