Friday, June 17, 2011

An afternoon walk

Living here we no longer take a sunny day for granted. 

 Logan loved being behind these mailboxes so much that he decided to do his "business" there.

We thought he deserved a little privacy.

Hope you all had a great Friday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Toothpaste!

I totally extreme couponed myself into some free toothpaste! Sure it was a brand I never use and a flavor I hate, but it was free. Just kidding, it was actually Colgate which is what Tyson and I prefer, but doesn't it seem like coupons work that way sometimes? Oh, and I also got tic-tacs for free. Haven't had those since 1995 but eh, why not?

Of course I nearly negated my freeness when Logan conned me into buying a ball for him. Granted I did give it to him to distract him while I shopped, but usually he is willing to give up those types of distractions at the register. This time it was a full blown tantrum which I immediately gave into, thus securing my second nomination in a row as mother of the year.

Well, it's probably time for me to go to bed. I just got home from buying 120 servings of ice cream for our joint young women/young men activity (the teenagers in our church get together every Wednesday night and I'm in charge tomorrow) and I need to get my rest for what's probably going to turn into a crazy ice cream fight.
Here's an unrelated picture because what post would be complete without one? Logan and I took a ride on the train at the zoo a few weeks ago. He was in love.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogging rut

I can't think of things to say anymore! It's so sad. Plus, I got a huge paper cut on the tip of my finger yesterday, down to the bone probably which prompted visions of roach eggs being implanted under my skin and/or an attack of sepsis, so now it hurts to type.


So between having a boring life and a broke-down finger the odds of this blog being any good are slim.

So here's what we've been up to.

Let's start with Logan. Nothing like reading about the lifestyles of the short and toddling.

He started talking (sorta), yay! Out of nowhere he went from saying almost nothing to learning several new words each day. And with that we've gone from being mutually frustrated with each other when he wants something, to reveling in the joys of communication.

This has also let to countless conversations that go something like this:
"No buddy, I think you've had enough today."
"Logan, no. No more crackers."
{does the sign for please} "crackAH????"
"No. Cracker. No."
"Coco?" (cereal. (ok fine, he's talking about cocoa puffs. i know, bad mom.))
*Sigh* "Let's go outside, whaddya say?"

It's no wonder I feel like my brain is slowly turning to mush.

He's become a little helper in the kitchen for me.
He kept pointing to the eggs and calling them bubbles.

He also kept stealing chocolate chips and then talking to me about how good they are.
 At least that's what I assume. Sometimes he gets excited and babbles intelligibly.

This is what we made that day in case you were wondering. Chocolate, caramel, and pecan brownies. Yum! And yes, one of the words Logan learned that day was brownie.
 In the last week we have seen all of Logan's cousins which is pretty cool. Last night we hung out with some of them and the older ones wanted to play freeze tag. I wasn't too excited about it, but after awhile I figured they're just kids, I can run around with them a little bit, and so I volunteered to be "it".


I have officially downgraded my opinion of myself from young, spry, and able to play with the kids, to old, fat, and unable to catch a 7-year-old without my lungs committing suicide. So I did the sportsman-like thing and tried to find a way to use Logan as an excuse to quit. He wasn't around so I quit anyway.

We got this slide for him at a garage sale for only $10. Score! It has been a very good investment so far.

And just so you don't think that Logan is the perfect child (even though he is) here is what Tyson discovered after hearing Logan say "uh-oh" about 14 times in a row in the pantry.
Yes, those are his little footprints in the mess of powdered milk.

So I mentioned last time I blogged (forever ago) that I was trying to coupon. I would first like to say that
"Extreme Couponing" has deceived me and just because I'm buying coupons does not mean all my groceries will be free. Especially when after three weeks of buying newspapers I had yet to use a single coupon.


But I'm actually trying now. I even bought a binder and baseball card holders and everything. I'll let you know if I stick with it and become successful. Are any of you couponing?

I think that's all I have to say for now! Maybe there will be more blogging now that I've finally caught up a bit.

Or maybe not. :)