Monday, August 31, 2009

Pregnancy is hot

So although I will be the first to admit that I am totally a goddess of fertility and grace, there are some things that are just not... sexy about pregnancy.
Like the snoring, for example. Luckily, Tyson has invested in several pairs of earplugs which have enabled him to sleep through the night and not hate me each morning.
Then there's the drool.
The last time I remember having a serious drool problem was during those awkward years of orthodontia intervention where the condition of my mouth was out of my control. It was just another side effect to be endured for a beautiful smile.
Clearly a life of side effects is my fate.
The other night I dozed off while reading and woke up to a smear of drool on my cheek. Nothing major, just a bit of dampness really. So, since I was awake anyway, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was walking I felt a coolness on my neck. I rubbed it with my hand to discover that I had not just drooled on my cheek, it had actually run down my chin and neck all the way to my chest! I needed to use a towel to clean myself off before I could go back to bed.
And my pillow? Well, let's just say I casually flipped it over and snuggled back down for the night. I figure that a little (or a lot) of drool will be the least of my worries as far as bodily fluids are concerned in the next month or so.
Besides the snoring and the drooling we've been up to some other fun things lately. A couple Saturdays ago Tyson and I decided that we wanted to bike an 8 mile trail so we went out and did it!
Here I am at the beginning of our trek, getting ready to go. It was a sunny day.
Here we are at halfway through. This was after a climb up a big hill and I used the excuse of taking a picture so I could get a little extra rest in :)
And we made it! After we took this picture a lady told me I was her hero for the day.
Here's my love at the end of the trip. The view is really quite nice at the end of the trail.
A nice stranger offered to take our picture here.
I'm thinking I should have taken off the helmet? Oh well.
And yeah, that's Tyson's shirt that I'm barely squeezing into.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Note to self:

When the young men are in charge of the back to school BBQ the inevitable feast of meat, sauce, beans, and chips will result in no less than 7 hours of high intensity reflux and the worst night of sleep ever.

Eat before you go.
(They really did prepare a tasty meal. It's not their fault I can't handle it.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wheelin' and dealin'

So this weekend was like the luckiest for us finding good deals on stuff!

First, Tyson and I were going to Wally World to try and find a particular crib mattress. We totally didn't find the mattress but while we were there we stumbled across a travel system that was normally almost $200 on clearance for 90 bucks!

We actually drove away from the store without getting it because we were afraid something was wrong with it and because it was blue (we wanted something more neutral).

Then we realized that was stupid so we turned around and bought it.

Odds are 50/50 the next one will be a boy too, right?

I think it's totally adorable, love the colors, and I can't wait to use it with the baby! In the meantime, Tyson got out a 10 lb. bag of flour and we've been practicing with that in the car seat. Works like a charm.

Later, I went to a warehouse sale and picked up this little number for only 5 dollars (regularly $40, just sayin').
Should make a nice addition to our home decor.

And apparently my little guy wanted to be in the picture too, no problem, we like him.

I also got this table at the warehouse sale. I had been looking for a table for our entryway for quite awhile and I thought this would be perfect if I refinished it with some black paint.

It was missing a drawer, but I figured I would just turn it around and no one would be the wiser.

Ta da!! Guess how much this cost me!! Seriously, guess.

Ok, don't guess, I can't hear you anyway.

Well, I used some black glidden paint that I got for free from a promotion they were doing, I had my own brushes and sandpaper so the grand totally comes to...



And, since I bought it in Oregon there wasn't even any tax.
Now that was a steal.
As for updates on the baby bump here I am at almost 36 weeks (this was taken a few days ago).

And I was curious to know if I looked pregnant from the back or not.

Pretty sure I don't but you can decide for yourself. Just don't tell me if you disagree.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes I don't know what to title my ramblings

Ok, so this has nothing to do with what I want to talk about, but I was just watching a food network challenge and one guy was talking about how he is the bad boy of garnish.
The bad boy of garnish.


Anyway, pregnancy has reached a new level of weird. I've had cravings of course, nothing strange there, but recently I have wanted to live, eat, and breathe dirt.

Yeah, dirt.

Seriously, what the heck?

The other day I actually got a trowel from the garage and sat in the garden and dug aimlessly around for awhile just so I could smell the dirty goodness and debate the risk of licking my fingers. Then I felt like a freakazoid and went inside to eat a cup of ice.

Oh, and get this! As this craving was materializing the construction workers decided to begin construction on the house next door. All that freshly dug dirt everywhere... I so wanted to go over and ask if I could sample the leftovers on the backhoe.

It may be time to have this baby.

Oh, and just so you know, I did talk to my doctor about this and my iron is a little bit low so I'm taking a supplement.

It's not really helping.

Let's see, what else is new...

The crib came, yaaaay! I was going to wait until the whole nursery was finished to put up pictures, but I know my mom wants to see it so here it is!

So cute, I love it!

Just another month or so and there will be a baby in there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did it!

Another year down, here's to 4 (billion) more.

Plus an eternity.

Happy 4 year anniversary, love you babe!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So fun!!

Baaaaah! I had my baby shower! And it was the best.
After playing a quick game, can you guess what we did?
Crafts of course!

We decorated onesies! There was an iron on station and painting and stamps and stencils and everyone did such a great job. I thought they all turned out super cute.

There was lots of delicious cheesecake...

and of course, presents!!

I think we can all agree that anything miniaturized is stinkin' adorable! I liked this bag. A lot.

I'll spare you from seeing everything that I got, but just know that he is pretty much going to be the cutest dressed baby ever. And I'll say that after getting 35 onesies/sleepers in the course of 20 minutes (plus the ones I bought myself before the shower) he probably won't be going naked anytime soon.
Unless I decide he looks cute that way :)

Speaking of looking naked, you may be noticing that I'm having a red carpet moment here where my shirt was definitely not see through in the mirror but with the flash of the camera suddenly became so.
And so it goes.
Special thanks to Mom in law and Becky for the shower!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am a bad mother Vol. 1 (cause at this rate there's bound to be more)

Well, I'm pretty sure that my sweet little fetus child has already been traumatized by me. They are little things, but I still feel guilty. Case in point:
I was driving in the car listening to the radio when I was suddenly overcome by the music and burst out into my own blasting rendition of "poker face" (probably). This loving lullaby was not received well by my babe who bounced my whole stomach as he jerked awake. And... I kinda thought that it was funny. Shameful.
I read a little while ago that the baby could see light through my belly so I decided to test it out. Our computer mouse has a light on the bottom of it so I put it on my bare belly and moved it around. For a second the baby started moving slowly and then when I got close to where I thought his head was he FREAKED OUT!!!! Tyson and I both watched my tummy ripple and jump around while we freaked out and when he calmed down I felt really bad. Like I had broken his trust in me or something. He knows I blinded him!
Sadly I did the same thing on accident a couple weeks later when I used my belly as a mouse pad. It wasn't as bad cause I had a shirt over my stomach but it took me several minutes to figure out why he was wiggling around so much.
I assume he'll forget any of this ever happened.
Well, here's some stuff I've been up to lately.
I made (with Tyson's help) 180 of these little purses for a class I taught at activity day camp. This picture only shows about half of them. After 30 I was wondering if this was not such a good idea, after 90 I was positive, after 120 I never wanted to touch paper again, and after 180 carpal tunnel set in.
I'll probably make more for Young Women's.
Speaking of Young Women's, I just got called as 1st counselor in the presidency. Should be fun!

In other craftiness I've been turning these...

Into these!

So cute! So fun! So much love for the modge podge!
Tyson and I have spent time together being goofs.
I'm just glad you can't see the strain on his face from me sitting on his lap.

I can't figure out why people keep telling me I look like I should be giving birth tomorrow.

Although it may have something to do with me resorting to Tyson's clothes the past few days.