Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cool Lesson

So just when I was getting used to the idea that the semester was over... I started summer classes. Yes, yesterday was the first day of classes, not even a week after my last final. Even though I'm not sure that I'm ready for school again so soon, it should be a good semester. One class that I think is going to be really interesting is my Educational Psychology course. We started off with a lesson on the schema theory which basically says that we learn new info by making connections to old info. Anyway, our teacher had a cool exercise to demonstrate how our students feel when we are trying to teach them something without activating prior knowledge. So I thought I would share.
The notes went sour
when the seam split
Makes no sense right? At least it made no sense to me when my teacher wrote it on the board. It just takes one word to activate your prior knowledge and bring clarity to this sentence and I will reveal that word.... Later. Yes, I will pull a Jessica (love you Jess!) and wait 'til everyone has had a chance to read this before I reveal the magic word. If you figure it out or already know the word (Rebekah...) don't tell!!
Oh, and one more thing!
The results from last semester are in and I got 11A's and one, yes ONE, lousy A-. Not bad I must admit even though that one little - will drive me crazy for a little while. So close... yet so far...


  1. Ah, dangit, I'll never get that one! Good job on the A's!

  2. Way to go smartie pants! Sorry your break was so short.

  3. Hey, to me an A is an A. who ever invented the stupid +/- scale should be SHOT!!!

    Oh, and I love to be a trend setter, ha ha. Although, I am interested to see what your message is all about. :)

  4. good job on the grades. i know you worked really hard and had barely any spare time. :)