Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Because someone had to do it.

Today I drooled on the front of my own shirt while taking a nap with Logan. He's been too busy pooping to drool lately so I thought I would do the job for him.

It's been a rough week with the boy. He's been sick and I was seriously considering describing the injustices I've had to endure involving bodily fluids but I thought maybe not.

At least not today :)

No, I thought today would be a good day for a brighter subject.


The crafting around here has been a little slim due to a certain someone who shall remain nameless...
But I haven't been experiencing a completely dry spell.

Luckily the mod podge flows free in the Lowder home and oh how I love the happy combination of painting and glue. It just inspires creativity.
Hmmm... I actually forgot that I didn't use the podge for this first project, I used spray adhesive. C'est la vie.
I think I intended these to be valentines day decorations but they look sorta springy to me now. So they'll most likely be a centerpiece until June.
Or November.

Depends on my level of motivation to switch them out.
They are old tin cans covered in paper in case you can't tell.

Next task, coasters. These ones I actually did use mod podge for, promise.


A little paint, a little paper, a little podge, boom. Done.

My most recent project has been the sweetest of them all.
I saw this on my friend the How-To Gal's blog and just had to try it.

Someone out there thought to combine two of my favorite things.

Here is the before.
Yeah, these shoes definitely have dust on them. Clearly I haven't worn them in awhile so I figured if I ruined them, no harm done.

First thing I did (after cleaning off the dust) was cut off the bows and stuff.
Because I hate them?
No. Because I definitely did not know how to mod podge them.

Anyway, I picked out some fabric whipped out my trusty brush and podge and went to it.
Ohhhh yeah.

New shoes, basically, and they only cost me the price of the fabric. $2.50.

The running man may have made a reappearance.
While wearing these shoes.

Now I'm trying to decide if they need a little embellishment or not.

Yea? Nay?
I think they definitely need a little something.
By the way I did spray them with an acrylic sealant seeing how it has been known to rain in these parts. Hopefully it works.

Go mod podge something, it's super fun!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Geocache, Attempts 2... and 3

With renewed information that our cache was indeed there and not covered by a parking lot we set out again to find it. In spite of the difficulty being a 1.5 out of 5 (aka not hard) we were still plagued by geocache blindness. In the spirit of pretending it never happened I didn't even photo document this second failure.

So we picked a new one and decided to start fresh!

Logan thought that if he maybe dressed with a pirate theme we would find our treasure successfully.
(In reality he cries about 3.7 seconds after his hat gets turned like this.)

At any rate, we found one!! I'm not sure if I'm violating the geocacher's code (is there a code?) by posting these pictures but woo hoo, hot dog, we found it.
I may or may not have exhibited an embarrassing display of excitement, and if anyone tells you they saw me doing the running man on the side of the road, it's a lie.

The cache was full of treasures galore.
We wanted to contribute something to the pot but we forgot to bring a trinket and when we asked Logan if he was willing to donate his pacifier he said no.
We were so fired up after that genius find, by golly we continued on to find another one.

We now consider ourselves experts in the geocache field, thank you very much. The whole way home we were plotting bike rides, hikes, and campouts with geocaching as the main theme. I do have to admit though that I won't rest completely until we can find that dang first one that we set out to get. Someday, someday...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our weekend

Happy day after valentine's day!

We pretty much spent the whole weekend celebrating the day of love, especially since we consider it an anniversary as well because our first date was on Valentine's day FIVE years ago.

The last five years went by way fast. It made us nervous to think of how quickly the next five years are going to go.

Here we are five years ago minus a couple months. We were already engaged :)

We were also killing time. We had just gotten dropped off at the airport after Tyson's first trip visiting my parents only to discover that our flight was cancelled. Unfortunately Austin had already left.
He didn't have a cell phone.
It was a long wait.
Luckily we were at the airport that was 45 min away from home instead of the one 2.5 hours away.
Tyson thought it was funny that they did stuff manually that a lot of airports have electronics for now. It's a small airport, what can I say?

Ok, back to the present. Tyson came home from work on Friday with a bouquet of tulips and cupcake mix.

Why cupcake mix?
Because I have been obsessing over cupcakes lately, I don't know why. I think because they seem to be everywhere these days and I wanted to join the fun.

Notice that my piping skills improved as I went down the line. That one on the far left was more than a little rough.

Saturday Tyson and I were super excited because his parents volunteered to watch Logan while we went on a date.

Our first date without the boy! Logan fell asleep while we were driving over to their house which we thought was perfect so we delivered our angel and went to lunch.

The conversation was good, the food was good, the place was cold, but luckily I had my coat.
Such bliss.

I did have a minor heart attack when I realized I had the pacifier in my pocket, but we figured he would probably be fine. The child isn't much of a binky kid, he just likes it every once in a while.

We finished up our date, proud that we didn't even call to check on the baby. He's been to the in-laws house plenty of times after all, and we already know that he likes Tyson's parents.

However, when we got back Logan was... in hysterics. To put it mildly. He had only been awake and crying for about 15 min but it was clearly the longest 15 min of his life. Um yeah, the bink? Might have come in handy.

I think maybe it wasn't such a good idea to drop him off while he was sleeping. Waking up without his parents and not at home might have been a bit much for his first babysitting experience.

He now cries at strangers.

Anywho, after that Tyson and I rented a movie, bought some oreos and ice cream and enjoyed a casual night together.

Sunday I woke up to truffles and a gift certificate for a massage. I am so dang excited. My back and shoulders hurt worse now than they did while I was pregnant. I've never had a real massage before, I will definitely let you know how it goes.

All in all, it was a great weekend...

Oh, what was that? You're wondering what I got Tyson?

Heh, wouldn't you like to know.

Seriously though, I'm not telling. Hope you had a wonderful love day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Geocache. Attempt 1

I got Tyson a G.P.S. for his birthday, so after tracking himself walking around the house and driving to work, the first thing we did was use it to go geocaching!

But we've never done it before, which might be why after explaining the concept to Logan...
we first went the wrong direction...
and then ended up here.
Maybe it needs some sort of satellite transmission update?
No change.
Even with our inexperience, the middle of a parking lot just seemed wrong so we searched around the area and only found one thing of interest.
Gross. Obviously it wasn't there. Geocachers don't use poop as hiding spots right? I mean, I suppose it could be like fake poop or something but as respectable adults we just wouldn't go there.

I mean really, come on.

Ok, fine. FINE!

We went there.
I know.
I'm sure anyone who has actually geocached is laughing right now but at least we used a stick to flip it over.
We used the stick, we felt like fools, we walked away.

Logan totally had a good time at least.
Plus on our way home I got to test out our stroller's offroading capabilities. (Our house is in the background, the one nearly obscured by the setting sun. Just in case you were wondering.)
We looked again on-line at the geocache spot curious to know if we should have cross referenced the last time someone geocached there with the most recent construction. We were fairly certain we were looking for an older spot now covered by a parking lot.

Nope, people have found it.

In fact, people found it yesterday.

So we are stupid.

But not easily deterred.

We will find the cache, and we will find the cache soon. We cannot allow this first attempt to end in failure; what kind of example would that be to our son after all?

I'll let you know how it goes...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Corn syrup please

Does anyone else find those corn syrup commercials a tad ridiculous?

It's like:

"What's that you're putting on my son's sandwich? Pure lard? That's..."

"All natural, made from pigs, and, like other fats, fine in moderation?"

"I was gonna say disgusting, but now that you've convinced me it's healthy and delicious why don't you serve me up a plate?"

Why must we pretend bad things are good for us America? Now don't get me wrong. I like my corn syrup and my crisco like any other girl but not because I think it's good for me. It's usually a choice determined by a craving and lack of self discipline. But I need someone trying to talk me out of eating this crap, not into it.

Of course, now that I'm thinking about it, without this attitude we would not have shows like Biggest Loser which, in spite of being a commercial for Jenny O Turkey, gum, and Jillian Michaels, I still watch religiously.

Carry on corn syrup, carry on.
Image found using google images

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Make it work

The babe and I have been sick all week. This has taught me two things

1. You do not get sick days when you have kids. You can say you're going to have a sick day from laundry, cooking, and showers but in the event of a blowout or some other catastrophe you'll be lucky if you get 2 out of 3.

2. Staying home all day with a baby is harder and infinitely more boring for both of us then packing him up and going somewhere, even if we are sick.

So today we went shopping. For clothes. For me. Last year shopping for clothes was not that fun and I felt like I was trying to dress an elephant, but at least I knew where to go.


Now, not so much. Walking past the petite section so does not inspire me, and the regular women's section just seems so... matronly? Not always but, well, maybe always. Which makes me think I am shopping in the wrong stores first off...

*Interlude: Tyson and Logan frequently have "jam sessions" where they play the prerecorded music on the keyboard and sing and play along. Just now Tyson found a version of "O Mio Babbino Caro" and was singing along in his opera voice. About 10 seconds later I heard Logan crying. I assume he was moved to tears by Tyson's beautiful rendition. This might be why half my blogs never make it to publication.*

...And we're back.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I often find myself in the junior section of the store. Which just seems wrong to me. And yet still so right. I mean, I'm young, yeah? It's not like I'm that mom trying to dress exactly like her daughter. Although I did notice one of my young women wearing a shirt that I just bought. But she's only {calculating...} 13 years younger than me.

Crap. I am that woman.

I know it too. As I'm wandering around picking up things to try on I can hear voices in my head "Do you see how these sizes are odd numbers? That means those jeans will not fit your new mama hips." and "Sure honey, maybe you were a small but do you see what you're nursing with? Not. Gonna. Happen."

And to those voices I reply, "Hush Stacy and Clinton! I do not have $5,000 to spend on 14 pieces of beautiful but outrageously expensive clothing. I am going to wear this shirt and I'm going to rock it."

Then I accidentally bump into a teenager with my stroller, replace my small medium with a large and text my sister asking her opinion.

In addition I asked her to please disregard the ugly hair and also, I would like to be addressed as Chesty LaRue from now on.

But this looks ok, right? I'm obviously unsure of what to do with the belt thingy, never mind that I'm attempting my red carpet/mannequin pose for a self portrait, cell phone style.

Meanwhile Logan is in the background calling my bluff and wondering why I keep pulling my shirt up without feeding him.

Good grief this is running long. Basically what I'm trying to ask is where do I belong? What section am I supposed to shop in? And lastly, should I be embarrassed about going home happy with this $9 shirt from the Junior's section?

Please advise.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He had a birthday shout hooray!

We celebrated a birthday this weekend!

My man has left his 20s. FOREVER.

If you ask me, he doesn't look a day over 29. Although admittedly there may not be much of a difference between one day over 29 and five. Oh, and I guess I took this picture when he was 29 anyway. Meh.

We celebrated by inviting family over for a rib dinner and sitting the kids down for a movie.

Show no fear Logan. No fear!
After dinner Tyson opened presents with a little help from a couple excited little munchkins.
Logan wished he was old enough to help. But he's not. Although he definitely has developed an affinity for wrapping paper in the time between Christmas and now.
We pretty much stood around and took pictures while Tyson lit his own candles...
and then oohed and aahed at the blazing inferno that the cake became.

I took one for that team when I mistook a blob of wax for a rainbow chip. In the spirit of not wasting the best frosting ever I ate it anyway, and continued to relish its deliciousness. We love our funfetti! Tyson's favorite cake was yellow with chocolate frosting before he married me. He has since seen the error of his ways and come into the light. Must be all that wisdom of the ages guiding him.


Happy birthday babe! I love you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I meant to post this ages ago

Now that I am 6 weeks 4 months past pushing a human the size of my preferred weight in bowling balls out of my body I think I can begin to discuss some of the things that people don't really mention when discussing the miracle of birth. Or maybe they do mention them, but I'm going to give you my version.

The pushing -or- please have mercy and don't let me poop:

I was so not looking forward to potentially delivering more than my baby in the face of a doctor who is in that realm between stranger and friend. Someone who I would want so badly to avoid afterward, but would have to see (Luckily I ended up with the on call Dr. Never gonna see him again!). And also, I can't believe I'm saying this, I was super nervous about, ahem, tooting in front of said doctor. Because a physical object can just be wiped away, but air... not so much.

So, hours before the pushing even began I told the nurse, if I do that while I'm pushing whatever you do, don't tell me. I figured it would be a serious distraction during a time when I needed to focus more than ever before. And afterwords I really didn't need that kind of embarrassment. She told me that she would not say a thing.

After the magic of having a baby and having all sense of modesty disappear I had totally forgotten that request.

Until the nurse looked at me and grinned. "Guess what! You didn't even poo!"


Delivering the placenta:

Honestly I have absolutely no idea when this happened. Apparently it was right after the baby came out. I guess it was in some sort of container on a table for awhile and Tyson asked me if I wanted to look at it. I said no because I thought it would gross me out and now I totally regret it. Tyson said it looked like liver or something? I also never saw the umbilical cord which I was kind of curious about but alas, too late now.

So if you have any interest at all, you might want to check it out.

The catheter - not the one that goes in your back:

Something that may be obvious to everyone but me - numb legs = no walking = no going to the bathroom. Hence the catheter. Is it awkward if I say I kinda liked it? After 9 months of constantly worrying about where the nearest bathroom was I rather enjoyed not feeling that urge to pee all the time.

The only bummer was that my legs were numb for so long that they had to put the catheter back in after taking it out. Those things seem a lot more personal when you're not in labor anymore...

Watching your baby:

After Logan was born he was real snugly and wanted to bury his face against my shirt. So he did. And then he STOPPED BREATHING. I was still in shock after having him and didn't even notice. Thank goodness the nurse did and she scooped him up right away and was able to get him breathing again. He had a bit of phlegm in his throat and didn't know how to cough it out I guess.

I am so glad that the nurse was on the ball and noticed his dusky color. I don't know how long it would have taken me and it still scares me to think that on my own I would have been too late.

Also, that episode puts him at a higher risk for SIDS now. Oh good, a mother's worst nightmare, just what we need around here.

So I'm pretty sure I meant to add more things to this list but darn it, I lost steam on this one and now I can't remember what else I wanted to say. Any input from the peanut gallery?