Saturday, May 24, 2008

So I've been thinking...

And I know this is a scary and dangerous thing. What I've been thinking is that I kinda want to get my hair cut. Now, I've been growing my hair out for like 5 years so this is a huge decision, and one that I would rather not take lightly. So I started looking on the internet for pictures of styles that I like and ran across a program that lets you load a picture of yourself and try lots of different hairstyles and colors. Have you seen those? Well pshh. I can definitely do that stuff on my own! I don't need to pay for some program to do it for me!

First things first I need to find a good picture...

Ack! No! Not this one. Yikes.

Okay this is better. I appreciate that it is more um, recent if you will.

Okay! Lets get started.
I'll give her some bangs and a new short do....
Alrighty then. Looks like a helmet. And believe me it would totally look like a helmet in real life too. So I'm gonna say that's a no on that one.

Lets go a slightly different direction...
Maybe a little longer with a side-swept bang.
Hey, not bad! That actually turned out kinda nice.

We could even add a little more length to it and see what it looks like.
Yeah, I like it!

Maybe I would like being a blond?


Or something a little more funky...

Nice, it definitely brings out my eyes.

How about one of those cute pixie haircuts?
That could really be nice...

Or not.

Yeah, that's really not so good.

At this point Tyson wandered over and wanted to see what I was doing. He told me that if you outline your face it makes you look like a cartoon. Maybe that only works for some people. I'm pretty sure what I actually look like is a drag queen.

Well, I would say that was really successful! If you would like me to give you some great ideas for a new do, feel free to send me your picture, I'd be happy to do it. As a bonus I will definitely outline your face in black so you look like a cartoon!

If I actually cut my hair I'll be sure to show you all!


  1. ha! very nice!
    I CAN'T believe you want to cut your hair! I don't even know what to say! I will never hear Alexis talk about your "long flowing rapunzel hair"...
    JK I think you'd look great either way! Shorter might be a fun change... and definitely cooler...

  2. Ahh Mari-your blog is one of the highlights of my life....I think Jessica is getting her hair cut...not sure how she is doing it. You could ask her...

  3. I like number 2. I also like #3 in the purple shade.... totally you!

  4. I like number 2. I also like #3 in the purple shade.... totally you!

  5. Wow, I liked it so much I double posted! Sorry.

  6. You are way funny Mari, I dont think Iever realized how much!!! Your posts on my blog are always a crack up and then I look at your blog and it cracks me up even more! So are you really thinking about cutting your hair??? I think you would look really cute with sweepy bangs! Anyway thanks for your cute comments, they make my day!!