Monday, July 25, 2011

Tubes for Logan

Well, we can no longer use "he can't hear us" as an excuse for Logan's disobedience (he actually is a pretty obedient guy) because he has now been outfitted with tubes in his ears. 

Although he has had many ear infections, the deciding factor in our tubes decision was that even when his ears weren't infected they were chronically plugged with gunk. Apparently that can do permanent damage to the bones in his ears over time and since the doc couldn't remember an appointment when his ears weren't clogged, we went for it.

So 7:30 Friday morning we headed to the hospital.
 Logan wasn't real sure why his morning routine was being disrupted but he was pretty cheerful in spite of having no breakfast.

And he remained cheerful and pretty easily entertained during our two hour wait.

That was long time for everyone. 
 Eventually the nurse came and got him and took him kicking and screaming down the hall when Tyson and I went back to the waiting room. That was the hardest part for us, but the nurses assured us that the kids always do that so I wasn't as upset as I thought I would be.

They put him to sleep for the procedure (hence the no breakfast) so I was kinda surprised to hear him screaming again when they retrieved us and took us back to see him.

It all made sense when the nurse said he accidentally dropped his car on the floor when he woke up.

He loves his Lightning McQueen and I imagine he thought it would disappear in this strange place.
We took him home soon after and by the time we got him back, he was running around like normal and eating everything in sight. I'm excited to see if this procedure will improve his speech. He is talking quite a bit, but I'm hoping his pronunciation will improve.

We love our little guy and are so relieved to have this over and done with!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How bizarre, how bizarre

So this one time (Monday) my friend Janel and I decided we needed a girl date. So we got a babysitter and went... 


It was totally brilliant. You know how I like to golf after all. 10 seconds after we drove away from the house we were giggling like hyenas and congratulating ourselves on our fabulous plan.

I knew Janel was a golfer and so when I saw her golf gear I wasn't surprised.

I was surprised however, when as I was lumbering behind her, the contraption that holds the bag up fell off piece by piece before we even got to the club house.

The laughter continued...

We collected the pieces of my bag and ditched them, then went along our way, happy and only mildly embarrassed (me) when missing the ball completely here and there.

Unfortunately our happiness was slightly stifled when disaster struck...


In the calf.

At approximately 186,282 miles per second, or the speed of light.

Actually, no. That would be giving the negligent golfer who hit me too much credit.

You see, if he said "fore" it was not loud. And after hitting me he went ahead and took another shot, so clearly he knew he had gone rogue with the first one. And then he didn't even come to see if I was okay or anything.

Luckily I had Janel on my side who told the guy off after we waited for him to catch up with us.

Meanwhile I was definitely not crying. Even a little bit. It was allergies.

It was just so shocking to feel my leg spontaneously combust as I strolled along discussing important matters with Janel, like how much we hated the weather.

I felt it was appropriate to duck in the picture.
 Considering HE was behind me. (insert psycho noise here)

Anyway, I'm glad it wasn't my head, so that's good. We continued along our lovely lady date and I am now sporting the proof of my experience.

Honestly, I was hoping it would look worse.

In a totally unrelated yet oddly similar experience, I was outside rescuing a frog from death via impending lawnmower when an eggshell fell from the sky and landed in the grass next to me.

So random.

I'm not sure whether to buy a lotto ticket or build a bomb shelter. 

Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday I picked weeds for my house. 

See, I saw this sweet little flower coming up on our side of the fence (no comments on how we are weeding failures please) and when I looked over to the field behind our house I could see that there were more out there. 
I thought a big bunch of them would be cute on my table. So I got my boys and we went for an adventure behind the house. Logan was thrilled to have space to run and I was looking forward to free flowers. 

While we were out there I kept telling Tyson that it smelled like a homeless person. Or a dirty diaper. Something bad. Tyson didn't smell it but whenever I stooped near the ground I caught a big whiff. 

I was a little disappointed in the flower selection. Seems like the extra water our plant got from being in our yard benefited it quite a bit because the ones in the field were kinda scrawny. I got a handful anyway and took them home to trim.

Where I discovered the source of the smell.

My flowers smell like poop!


So they live on the porch now.
I know. It looks kinda sad.

And it is.

I'm gonna pretend Logan picked them for me and I didn't have the heart to throw them away.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pictures of meeeeee!! and logan.

Okay, mostly Logan. When I was in Arizona we had our pictures taken by my lovely cousin Jen (who by the way is a fab photographer in the Mesa area. if you need pics you should call her) and I've been meaning to show them to you ever since we got them back.
Logan wasn't super happy this day. He had been in the car for over two hours, did not take a very good nap, and was getting hungry when we did our shoot. Still, Jen got some good stuff out of him!
We should have known he would have found a puddle to play with in the Arizona desert.
I'm so excited to hang these all over my house!
It will be a shrine to my boy and me.
Sorry Tyson ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our 4th of July

Our holiday probably wasn't much different from most of yours but I'm going to tell you about it anyway :)

We started the day off by going for a bike ride with Tyson's parents along the river in Washougal. 
As you can see the weather was perfect and the scenery was gorgeous.
We stopped for a bit at the end of the trail to rest our legs (bums) and to let Logan walk around and throw a few rocks. He was in heaven.
After that we went to the parents' house and enjoyed our tradition of 4th of July kabobs.
And watermelon for Logan. It was all fun and games until he tripped and dropped his watermelon in the dirt. Sad day!
After a nap, (for Logan) Slurpees, and the purchase of fireworks we met up with others in our neighborhood for a party.

A party where Logan ate bubbles,
but no dinner. Unless you count Doritos.

But it was a holiday, right? So who cares.

He loved the fireworks and would say "go go go!" whenever there was a break in the explosions.
And clearly Tyson and I need to work on looking at the camera together.
We finished out the night watching fireworks from the porch.

And then I did my best Marty McFly impression.
(because my hand is disappearing, ya know? If you have no idea what I am talking about you need to watch Back to the Future. Stat.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mod Podge Glitter Shoes

I decided the other day that it was time for a "new" pair of shoes. I've had these ones sitting in my closet for years and I never wear them. There's something about the color that I don't like and that little ribbon bow thing just isn't my style. So when I saw this mod podge glitter shoes tutorial at suburbs mama and then these  Jimmy Choo shoes at nordstrom I decided that the glitter would me mine! 

And at a fraction of the price of the $465 Jimmy Choo's. Yikes, right? It's not just me that can't afford them? Anyway, onto shoes that I not only can afford, but that I already own.

I got brave, cut off the ribbon, taped over the soles, and lightly primed them with a white primer.  
 It's times like these that I have to repeatedly convince myself that no matter what happens, I never wore these shoes anyway.

Here, I made a mistake. My original plan was to just buy glitter and mix it with Mod Podge like Suburbs Mama did. 

But Wal-Mart didn't have the glitter I wanted and I was being impatient so I bought this paint.
 If When you do this (cause I know you want to) just wait until you can get the glitter you want. 

Because after an entire bottle of paint the shoes still didn't look the way I wanted them to. 
 They were blotchy and kinda the wrong color and a little lumpy... which was actually my fault because I got tired of doing thin layers and tried to do some thick ones. Don't do that either. Cardinal ruled of painting.

It was time to call in the professionals. 

Mod Podge and Martha.
 So easy. I just mixed a little Mod Podge and a lot of Martha, I mean glitter, into a small container and painted the shoes. A couple (thin) coats later and...

Ta daaaaaaa!
 I love my new gold shoes!
I cajoled Tyson into coming outside with me and he was a very willing photographer for me in the backyard.
I thought we were having so much fun that I exclaimed, "let's do a date like this!" 
Tyson: "Oh, you mean where we go around and I take pictures of you?"
Me: "Okay, maybe that wouldn't be fun for everyone."

But what are fun are my "new" shoes.
Be free and glitter, friends!