Sunday, June 1, 2008

Please pray and fast for...

My friend Jillian and her daughter Katelynn. Katelynn is a sweet 3-year-old girl who is in the hospital right now and is very ill. Her kidneys are shutting down, she can't breathe, and she keeps getting worse and the doctors aren't sure why. She is heavily sedated and the doctors are going to start dialysis tomorrow. Jillian is an amazing woman who has faith in the Lord and faith in prayers and fasting, as do I. I know most of you don't know them but if you could please keep them and their family (did I mention that Jillian is an amazing woman with TRIPLETS??) in your prayers right now I know it would help.
Love you all,


  1. Thanks for the post, Mari! You are awesome. She's getting a little better. She has moved off of the high-frequency oscillator to a more natural ventilator. Still sedated, but may 'wake up' in a few days. They have increased her feeds and plan on taking her off of dialysis possibly tonight! So, keep up the prayers!! They're workin'!