Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

So last night the weather was warm, the sun was out, the grass was freshly cut and it was a perfect night for a ball game. And what do you know! Tyson just happened to have a softball game scheduled that night.

Here's a shot of the field all empty and waiting for some players.

Hey, there's a player now! It's my cute love putting his cleats on.

Here I am! Notice that I have that look in my eye as if I don't want my picture taken and yet I took this picture myself. Heh heh.

Okay so game time right!? ... Um, hello?... Game... time...?
Well, turns out the other team didn't have enough guys show up to play so it was an automatic forfeit. In other words... WE WIN!!! HOORAY!

The Next Day

So, lets give this another try. Lucky for us, Tyson had another softball game scheduled for tonight, you know, since he won that one last night and all.


It was about this point that I got distracted by the beautiful sky behind the game. Maybe it's a good omen for our team!

There's my guy in the blue shorts far far away looking all casual after making an amazing catch to get a guy on the other team out. I was especially proud because all the wives on the sidelines cheered for that one. See, we pay attention!

And to really prove that I pay attention I keep score every game. Notice how close the game was, but who won? Allow me to explain the method to my madness. The little 1 next to the A means that the "away" team went first. each dash is a run, and the little squiggly in the upper left corner is where my pen ran out of ink.
So typically the Home team is Tyson's team, well because he lives in my home, and the Away team is the other team, our enemies. Unfortunately at some point when the teams were tied I forgot what I was doing and marked the other team's score on the Home team side.
So yeah, you guessed it. Tyson's team lost by one agonizing run. Dang!
Maybe he'll feel better if I buy him some peanuts and cracker jacks? Or maybe that will just make me feel better, ah well, either way!


  1. {Tear} This is for the home team. WAAAAA. I wanna be in Utah. I LOVE Utah in the summer.