Monday, May 12, 2008


is my birthday.
I'm just gonna put it out there.

Don't you just love hearing the date of your birthday knowing that it is your day? I love that. Like on commercials, "Sale ends May 12", "Free phones May 12", "Buy by May 12".
May twelfth


May 12
May 12
May twelfth
May 12

Oh I love it, so much fun. May 12. Oh sorry, that last one slipped out.

I have found that I am beginning to feel the horror of growing older that many adults experience on their birthdays. I have also found that the discomfort can be alleviated by telling people you are turning 22 instead of 25. Most of my friends believe it. That's the beauty of still being in college.

I wasn't sure what I really wanted to say today besides that I felt in the mood to post something. So I think I'll tell a story that pretty well sums up my life.

One day, in about 3rd grade I think, I was outside at recess with my friend Jen. We were standing by a metal horse and I decided that I wanted to sing her a song.

"Jen, wanna hear me sing somethin?"

So I launched into my spectacular 9-year-old version of "part of your world" or whatever it's called from the little mermaid. I finished the final note with my childish shaky voice vibrato and looked at her waiting for the praise.

"Um, what's that?" She said, her eyes never straying from my face.
"That thing by your nose. Is that a booger?"

I reached up. Yes. Yes it was a booger. I'm pretty sure we called them cliffhangers actually. You can imagine how I felt. Luckily for us all I have pushed through the pain and have been able to sing again.
I just check my nose first.

I don't think I have ever shared that story with anyone. It's a refreshing experience just laying it all out there like that. You should try it. In fact you can tell me your embarrassing stories if you want. I won't judge you. And Jen, if you're out there, do you remember that? I hope not.

So that is the story that I have chosen to tell you on this momentous day. It is probably an innappropriate birthday story since it has nothing to do with anyone's birthday, least of all my own. But that's okay. After all it's MAY 12. My day.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You won't believe this, but when I was up at 2:30 this morning for my paper route, I thought, "Today is Mari's birthday." I remembered!
    I LOVE that story! I honestly remember the metal horse on Vowles playground well. Crazy, huh? I have my own embarrassing moment on that metal horse. I remember once zipping my coat up over my head, headless-horseman style, and doing a dance while I was sitting on that horse at recess. EW! Thanks for taking me back to the good ol' days. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  2. happy birthday! we'll try to call you later!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yay, Marissa!!

  5. Happy Birthday Friend!!! Woo Hoo!

  6. You crack me up!! I love your cliffhanger story. I try really hard to forget embarrassing moments, so I don't have any to share at this moment.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday!!! Love you! From your 3 years older than you aunt! :)