Monday, May 19, 2008

Hiking the Y

Saturday night Tyson and I had a fun time going out and hikin' the Y. We wanted to enjoy the lovely weather and get a workout so this seemed the perfect solution!

Okay! I'm ready to go!
Show us where it's at babe! Yep, that is the Y up there. Bring it on! I am ready!
This is where I told Tyson I was tired and wanted to go home.
Whew, we made it! Okay, not really. This was just our first break.
Here I am taking yet another break. See the little 4 on that post? Yeah, we were on switchback 4 of 13. Ugh.
Huff. (I hate my life)
Puff. (I wish I was wearing shorts)
I'm coming babe! (You know, he RAN ahead of me to take these pictures. RAN.)
We made it!!!
We brought a couple of sandwiches to eat as we sat atop the Y.
I am LOVING mine.
The view from here was glorious. I could look at this view all day.

Look! I can see my grandparent's house. Hi Grandma!!!
We saw this bird walking on the trail on our way back down. It looked cooler and bigger in real life so I took its picture. What is that Dad?
We were too sweaty and hideous for a 'real' picture. Okay Tyson wasn't but I was. He is never hideous.
Hi everyone!


  1. you are so great. i couldn't hike the Y right now if my life depended on it... really out of shape since jonas. you don't look like you're struggling!

  2. don't you just hate tyson's athleticism. i mean, the guy seems to be good at whatever he tries. makes me sick!

  3. What a show off that Tyson! Looks like a fun trip. I would have been waaay far behind you, so you go girl!!

    The bird looks like a quail to me.

  4. yeah, it looks like a quail in the picture but it was about 3 times as big as any quail I've ever seen. I was wondering if it was a grouse...?