Thursday, June 25, 2009


There are lots of things that make me happy.
Tyson for example. He is pretty much the most excellent source of happiness ever.

Also, pregnancy makes me happy. Yeah yeah, I complain about it a lot (there are just so many crazy things to discuss!) but I really do like it.

So when the two are combined...


I love our baby class.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So before I feel asleep the other night I thought it would be fun to share things on the blog that I probably wouldn't tell you in person. Cause it would be an awkward conversation. Some, or rather most of my ideas seem better at midnight than they do in the light of day. But I'll share the list I came up with anyway.

-I always pictured myself as the kind of girl that would only gain 15 lbs during my whole pregnancy and everyone would be jealous of me.
-I'm not.

-John and Kate make me sad. But I keep fueling the fire by watching their show.

-Tyson and I might have also used John and Kate as our FHE lesson. "This is how to not foster a healthy happy marriage". Yeah, that may not fly when the kid comes.

-I frequently call myself 'pregnito'. It's my x-men name.
-Last week I left a load of laundry in the washer for 3 days. I had a total memory lapse and completely forgot about the whole concept of laundry. Still trying to get that mildew smell out.

-Even though I still LOVE chocolate milk I stopped drinking it because I thought it was making me fat. I had some this weekend though because Tyson requested it with his father's day breakfast. Pretty sure I drank 3/4 of the gallon myself. In two days. Back on the sauce.

-Sometimes my shirt rides up a little and shows my stomach. It makes me feel white trash.
-Especially when it happens as I'm walking into the temple.
-I used to think this counted as showing.



-Who are you woman!!!???

-And I'm sure in another couple months I'll be making fun of this picture.

-That skirt is from 7th grade by the way.

-Still fits.

-Take that.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Works in progress

Buying a new house and having a baby on the way has left me with an endless supply of projects. And seeing as I don't have a job or school to keep me busy I've begun work on just a few of the things I want to get done around here.

First was the downstairs half bathroom. Here's a sort of before shot for you. I always forget to take the before so this is after I started taping but you get the idea.
And here's the after!

I had gotten into the habit of checking at home depot every few days to see if they had any fun paint colors in the clearance section. Typically there is an assortment of beiges and whites which doesn't interest me at all so I got all excited and impulsive when I found this blue!

It was about halfway through this paint job that I remembered I don't even like this color.

That was also around the same time that I was painting underneath the toilet. Pregnant belly + crawling under the potty = cranky lady.

But I did finish the job and the paint only cost me 5 bucks! Now I just need to find some stuff to put on the shelves...

In spite of my distaste for painting that bathroom I was super-dee-duper excited to paint the baby's room.

Once again I forgot a formal before shot so here's one of the room from Easter.
I started with a light blue...
And then I put stripes on one wall!
I'm pretty much ready to become a professional painter. I love it! These stripes make me think of baseball and Tyson think of Great Britain. All good things, right? Either way it looks like a definite room for a boy. Now we just need a few minor details like a crib, dresser, and baby to make this room complete.

And for my last unfinished project...
A baby blanket!
It's a little wrinkled from being stuffed gently folded into a bag for the last 3 days.
I've decided it's time to try my hand at sewing. It's going... mostly well with enough mistakes to make it a one of a kind, homemade, extra special piece :)
Mommy loves you son!!!
(You'd better really be a boy...) The back has stripes.
Kinda like the wall in his room.
Are you seeing my inspiration?? Eh? EH!?
I think things are gonna all work out around here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tyson and I had our first birthing class today.

Just kidding, it wasn't so bad. It just made me doubly sure that I DON'T want a mirror anywhere near me while laboring (nothing like watching yourself poo) and Tyson sure that we shouldn't have to pay someone to catch our baby. Looked easy enough to him.


Anywho, part of me feels like it's too early to take a birthing class but the website recommended that I register around 26 weeks and seein' as I'm 25 weeks now I guess it's as good a time as any. Plus it will give Tyson more time to practice those massage techniques.


Well, I haven't been keeping ya'll up to date very well on our last few excursions so I thought I would do a quick recap. Our computer scrolls through pictures randomly when I click on this thing and do something else and click and... so anyway I thought I would pick the first five that came up from the last couple weeks and tell you about them.

Sound fun?

Ooh, now this is a nice one. Tyson was feeling artistic as we flew kites on the beach during our babymoon so he captured this shot of me. It was very windy there. And cold. And windy.
Huh, lucky you. This is the most lame and least cool shot that I got of the tide pools we found by our hotel. At the time I was fascinated at the sheer number of mussels (?) on the rocks. Tyson and I felt so bad every time we had to jump to a rock and heard shells crunching under our feet. Sorry little mussels!
This one was taken during our most recent bike trip on Saturday. It was very mossy and darker than this picture would let you believe. We also saw pretty much no humans on this ride which led Tyson and me to conclude that:
a. Vampires live here
b. A bear would probably eat us before we made it back to the car.
c. Moss is creepy.
p.s. I probably wouldn't have been so smiley had I noticed the horse poop before I put my foot in it.
Here's one of Tyson on that same creepy bike trip. You can see in the background how dark the woods really were {shiver}. One good thing about this trip that I neglected to mention was that it was downhill both ways. I kid you not. Weirdest trail ever.
Here's another one at the tide pools. Another lame-o one of the pools but a cute one of me don't you think?
Well, that was a successful picture adventure. Not a lot of variety but none of me looking fat or possessed by the red eye monster. Score!
Til next time,