Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So I've gotten tagged a couple times lately and I thought it was about time I respond to them! So here goes.

Tag #1: The Bag Tag

In this tag you have to talk about your favorite bag and expose to the world everything that is in it... Without cleaning it out first, yikes!

Here goes.

This is my beloved bag. My mommy dearest got it for me for Christmas this year and I've used it everyday since then. I love it!! (Thank you mutha)

And here are the contents of that bag. I'm always surprised at all the things that can be squished into one little purse.

The main items are uh, miscellaneous trash, candy wrappers, a piece of candy (okay, I actually ate that piece before the picture was taken... oops) pens, checkbook, name tag from UMEA conference, bogus tickets to conference, lip gloss, 37 bobby pins (oh that's where they are!), and my trusty pitch pipe.

I seriously thought that doing this would at the very least get me to clean out my purse but no. I just stuffed everything back in just the way it was before.

Oh, and you may notice the lack of wallet in this mishmash. That's because it's in my backpack. Gotta love school!

Tag #2: Middle Name Tag

Now, I've got to describe myself using the letters of my middle name. Luckily it's a short one!





Okay! All done! Now I tag... pretty much anyone who wants to do this. Maybe if you do it you'll clean your purse... unlike me.

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  1. {giggle} Love this post! I'll try to get up enough nerve to post this...