Saturday, November 20, 2010

Together again.

Emily is here visiting us! And since I don't get to see her much I totally roped her into singing a duet with me at our stake music and the arts festival. 

So without further ado, here we are, together again.

Um, and you can probably skip the first 50 seconds :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

In the hood

Oh motherhood. It's so... well it's a lot of things really. Many of them contradictory. Today, in an ode to Logan I just want to write down a few lot (sorry, I got a little out of control here) of the things he's been doing lately. Mostly for myself, but if you want to read them too, go right ahead. I would love that.

Motherhood is:


Right? Well, sometimes at least. The worst, honestly, is bath time. The kiddo is so happy playing in his bath that I could practically leave him in there all day. Except I can't. Leave him that is. He is super content which normally would allow me to get some things done, but due to the nature of the bath I have to stay and watch.

And find things to amuse myself.

Such as filling up an empty shampoo bottle with water and squirting Logan repeatedly until he squawks and gives me a look that I'm certain will be repeated on some annoying future sibling. What am I twelve? I believe this is why there are so many pictures of kids in the bath with their hair all wonky. It's the parents who are searching for some entertainment in that scenario.

Motherhood is:

Entertaining (see? contradiction.)

Oh how this child amuses me.

He loves to find clear plastic things and put them over his face. I think he just likes the feeling of hiding behind something but still being able to see. It's like ultimate peek-a-boo.

He fell a few weeks ago and gave himself a fat lip. It must have felt weird to him because the rest of the night he was walking around with his lips tucked in like this.
I also love that he's a cheeseball for the camera.

Motherhood is:


I love watching Logan learn.

We've been working on the names of animals and the sound they make lately. Just today we looked out the window and saw some birds flying around. Lo and behold he very clearly said bird! Just like Bambi!

Ok, maybe it was more like "erd" but still, it wasn't "da" which means I know he was trying.

Also today we looked out the same window (a little later) and saw a cat in the field behind our house. His eyes lit up, he pointed, and exclaimed... "oof oof!"

Too bad that's what doggies say.

And one more, I can ask him to find things and he does it! He loves to carry his little treasures around the house and put them in random places where I would never think to look. Now I just have to ask him to get his sippie cup (for example) and he'll waddle off somewhere and come back with it in hand. I can't believe he remembers where he puts everything.

Motherhood is:


Toys in the toilet, baking soda all over the floor, toilet paper strung about the house, toys in the dishwasher. It is truly incredible how quickly a little kid can get into things.
This one actually made it all the way through the wash.

By comparison the fingerprints on the fridge? Minor offense.

And the tantrums in the grocery store... most of the time I can laugh them off because it is so cliche but this one time we were in Target and he was flailing and screaming so loud that I about left him with the first motherly looking person I could find. (not really) Luckily his explosions are fiery but short, and soon enough we were checking out pretending that nothing happened.

Motherhood is:


Here he is after stealing my breakfast.

Yes, that would be coco puffs on his face. What? Well don't worry because now we both have to eat cheerios everyday.

Here he is eating my milkshake,
And my dessert...

Ok, so looks like the main sacrifice is food. Also, sleep, but I do not have recent photographic evidence of that.

Motherhood is:


See, we feel the same way about running in the rain.

We would both just rather lay down and take a nap. He was like this the entire time, by the way.

Oh how I love my little dude!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm famous!

You guys are not going to believe this.

I was featured on someone else's blog! I know! It's totally crazy.

Sarah from proofred has an award called the Read Ribbon Award and someone (one of you sweeties) nominated me. She wrote up a post all about my blog which totally had me all sorts of anxious. I don't think I would make a very good famous person.

Anyway, here's the extra cool thing about Sarah. Her blog is all about helping you improve your own blog and she is going to help me make my blog look better, get this, for FREE. You know how I love free stuff.

Oh but wait. Lest you think I am that special she does everyone's blogs for free. So you should go over there and check her out.

Thanks Sarah!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The best way to contain my child who is now learning to run

 Logan and I at JoAnn's today.
About half my hair got ripped out and ended up on the floor but hey, at least he was happy, right? Meanwhile I was holding his ankles and steering my cart with my elbows, trying not to wince as he perfected his rat's nest masterpiece.

Ahh the things we do for crafting love.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Haircut

So I gave Logan his first haircut a few weeks ago. Yes, I, the untrained cut my one-year-old son's hair.

I wasn't going to do it myself initially but after my friend Mariah told me she cuts her boys' hair, I figured I could do it too. Her boys' hair was super cute after all! Too bad that, "if she can do it, I can" logic only works when you're twelve and getting your ears pierced.

Or maybe when you're 26 and having a baby.

Anyway, I figured I would just use the clippers and cut the hair all one length and if it looked bad then I could take him to the barber. Or not. He looks cute in hats.

Here he is before.

Happy, cute, thinking he's going to have a grand old time playing in the sink.

Here I am, master of torture and all things horrific.
See, I figured my biggest problem would be making his hair look good. After all, he likes having his hair brushed, he laughs at loud noises, and he loves playing in the sink so much that I didn't think anything would distract from that.


This would be his tear stained face after I only cut half his hair.

He HATED the clippers. He was screaming, flailing, swatting at me, and arching his back.

We had to take a break so that he could calm down. Tyson held him while I went on a mommy guilt trip and tried to figure out a humane way to finish cutting his hair.

Perhaps a better distraction? Like Chocolate?

I gave him an empty bowl of chocolate trifle that we had just finished and watched him happily dig into the leftovers.
This would work for sure!

Wrong again supermom.

Now along with everything else there was also chocolate in his hair. Genius.

And this is where the photo journaling ends.

We laid Logan down on a towel and Tyson held his arms down while I shaved his head as fast as I could. Thus there were no hands free for taking photos.

Lucky for us, kids are quick to forgive.