Monday, April 28, 2008


Today we had one of the most beautiful days so far this year so Tyson and I thought it would be fun to take Adam and Austin (they are staying with us temporarily) up in the canyon for a weenie roast!
Austin did an excellent job starting the fire.
It only took him two or three (hundred) tries to get the match lit. But once he got it the fire was roarin'!
We like to be called Ma and Pa Campy.
Adam was first to cook his hot dog.
Ma and Pa enjoying their delicious food. Corn on the cob, Yum!
The trident really works best for this type of cooking.
Pretty studly, eh?
The boys had a brilliant idea to start a hatchet throwing contest. The goal was to throw the hatchet into a log and A. actually hit the log and B. get it to stick.
Easier said than done.
It made me a little nervous but no one died or chopped off a hand so that made me happy.
I confess that even I got in on the action.
The best part was that Tyson and I were able to burn three years worth of junk mail. Everytime we plan a cook out we say we're going to bring the mail... and then we forget and it just continues to pile up next to the bed. 20 lbs later... well, you get the picture.

All in all, it was a great evening. Hope you all get a chance to have a campfire of your own!


  1. Oh man, I wanna come to Utah and have a weenie roast! It was 98 here today.....

  2. That's one of the best things about living in Utah. You can just go up the canyon on a whim and have a cook-out. Fun, fun, fun.