Monday, June 30, 2008


Well folks, the tags are flying around like fireworks on the 4th of July (heh heh, did you like that one?) and I've been tagged once again.
Here goes!

4 places I've lived:
1. Schaumberg, IL
2. Mt. Pleasant, MI
3. Provo/Orem, UT. We all know it's basically the same place.
4. Vancouver, WA... I'm not sure if what I'm doing here counts as living or not, maybe hangin' out?

4 shows I watch:
1. So You Think You Can Dance!!! Gooooo Chelsie! (Hightower)
2. The Next Food Network Star/Any food network challenge/Anything on food network. I like food ok?
3. LOST. This is only at #3 because it isn't "in season" right now. Good show.
4. If Alias was still around this would take 4th for sure. But since it isn't I choose The Bachelorette as lucky no. 4. Go ahead and laugh, you watch it too.

4 jobs I have had:
1. Selling T-shirts door to door. Worst job ever. Never do it. Never let your kids do it. Never.
2. Hostessing at Tucanos. Yummmmmmm
3. Serving ice cream at the BYU creamery. Most delicious job ever.
4. Secretary at an optometrist's office. Way good job. I'm sad it's over!

4 places I've visited:
1. Cozumel Mexico
2. Cancun Mexico
3. Sarasota (?) Florida
4. Anyplace within driving range of Michigan that includes at least one Mormon historical site.

4 blogs I read regularly
1. The friends and family blogs
2. Pioneer Woman
3. Fat Cyclist (I didn't know you read this one too mom!)
4. Thinking Inking

4 favorite foods
1. Anything from Red Lobster (mmmm.....)
2. Papa John's Pizza (aaahhhh.....)
3. Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate (ooohhhh....)
4. Chicken Braid (ok, who started this? Now I'm starving!)

4 places I would rather be: Let me preface this by saying I am quite happy where I am but these are places I would also like to be.
1. Cancun Mexico
2. Mt. Pleasant Michigan
3. Pusan Korea
4. The Olympic trials (weren't expecting that were ya?)

4 things looking forward to next year:
1. Graduating!! Holla!
2. Tyson getting a "real" job
3. Moving to wherever Tyson gets his "real" job
4. Hopefully, cross your fingers, do a rain dance, pretty pretty please, having a baby.

4 things I do in my spare time.
1. Well, you're lookin' at it
2. Scrapbooking
3. Crocheting
4. Reading

4 favorite things to do with kids/family
1. Take walks on Sunday afternoons
2. Play a game
3. Rollerblade
4. Snuggle up (to Tyson of course) and watch a good movie... or So You Think You Can Dance

Well friends. There you have it. Now I tag... anyone really. If you are in the mood to blog but have had a really boring day, this is the tag for you! If you feel like talking about yourself for just a few minutes, have at it! If you need an excuse to daydream about the places you would go if you just had the time/money here's your chance! If you want to remember your favorite foods, get a craving, and not be happy until you've satisfied it, you go girl! This is the tag for you.


  1. ALIAS IS AWESOME!! Scott and I haven't had time to watch the 5th season that I got him for Christmas. *sad* So, we still still don't know what the deal is with "Vaughn". AAHHH!!

  2. Pusan is only number 3? It's number 2 on moms... but I'm touched anyway :)

  3. Love your blog!! It's fun keeping in touch with you all and hearing about your adventures!!
    Love, Maria

  4. How did I not know that you are a SYTYCD addict like me!?!?! Obsession doesn't even come close to describing it. And yes, GO CHELSIE H!!!! Why is she your fav? Besides her obvious awesomeness. I had a class with her bro, so that's where it all started for me. Anyway, not a competition, just curious. I love how you can spot a SYTYCD fan because they use the acronym "SYTYCD" besides there is no way I could type that all out accurately. So anyway, I am glad we are both fans of the same show, and the same contestant!

    And I'll do a couple rain dances for you!!! Good luck!