Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Occasionally in our marriages I think we can overestimate the abilities of our spouse. We like to think the best of them and we sometimes forget what they really can and cant do. I believe this can result in episodes of what I like to call Spousal Inflation Syndrome (SIS). This should not be confused with Spousal Expansion Syndrome (SES) which is when one or both spouses is afflicted with rapid weight gain in the months following the wedding.
Anyway, Tyson and I had an unfortunate case of SIS immediately following our matinee of Iron Man today (good movie by the way). See, Tyson and I like to play a game of catch or Frisbee on occasion and although I can throw fairly well I suddenly become horrifically uncoordinated when I have to catch.

Like, really bad.

Well, Tyson either forgot about this disability of mine, or had significantly improved my skills in his mind (SIS in action) when he tossed my water bottle at me.

There were three reasons why I could never have caught the bottle

1) I had just walked out of the bathroom and was caught off guard.

2) He tossed it really high in the air which really is the worst scenario for a successful catch for me. He said he did it to give me more time to get it. I know this works for people with skills, but this is me we're talkin about.

3) The lights in the hallway of the theater were positioned perfectly so that they shone right in my eyes, effectively blinding me while I was looking up.


I reached my hands in the air mentally projecting the trajectory in my mind since I couldn't really see and made the catch attempt.

I missed.

And I missed in such a way that the bottle mystically evaded my stretched out hands and arms and clocked me right in the forehead.


Really hard.

And there were witnesses.
I of course shrieked then ran from the theater, avoiding all eye contact with those who saw, while clutching my forehead and moaning that I could already feel the lump forming. I tried to get a good picture of it but it wasn't really showing up so well. There was for sure a lump though! Albeit a small one. So I got a pic of the water bottle for you instead. Well, not the water bottle but it was Dasani and looked just like this one. It was the very bottom edge that hit me otherwise I totally would not have been such a baby about it. Those bottles are hard!

And for the record Tyson says that I throw better than any girl he knows and he plays co-ed softball (I do not). I also know that I throw a Frisbee better than he does... most of the time.


  1. Oh, ouch! You have my sympathies!

  2. Why is it that the horrible injuries just don't show up well on film?