Thursday, June 19, 2008


So last night I... No, two nights ago (that was weird) I went to see my darling adorable nieces dance in the ballet version of Aladdin. Oh they were so good! I loved watching them flit across the stage in all their ballet glory.

And then the 3-year-olds came out.

Oh my. They were so darling I shed a tear and decided immediately that I was going to have twelve-tuplets, dress them up in sparkly fluffy tutus, and make them dance for me. So cute!

One of the best dances they did began with all of them holding onto a giant stuffed snake. Walking with that huge thing would have been awkward for anyone but when you're only 2 feet tall it must seem especially difficult. So of course one girl tripped and fell, and then another, and before you knew it there was a domino effect of tripping tutus all over the stage with that snake all tangled in between.

I loved it.

So you could say I was quite entertained for about the first 657 dances... then the cold started to get to me. It was really hot outside that day so at first the ever blowing ac felt really good, however, some minutes later I had goosebumps. Goosebumps that lasted for the next two hours. I actually opened my program wide measuring it to see if I could use it as some sort of blanket to shield myself from the wind. No dice.

It was ok though.

I still want twelve-tuplets.



  1. Go watch Jon & Kate plus 8. It's on ALL the time on TLC. That'll cure you......

  2. hmmm....twelve-tuplets might be much. ;) however, if i got twins next time (or any time) i might count my blessings that i got two for the price of one. :)

  3. you are now jinxed to have multiples! When we were trying to get prego I said I wanted twins and Scott said he wanted just one, and look where it got us!!!

  4. Ha ha, okay, you're all right. I probably don't want twelve-tuplets. And marilyn, I LOVE john and kate plus eight! I always wonder how long it would take them to notice if I just borrowed alexis... They are all so cute!

  5. I want you to have one, just one, and then we'll see how many you want from there...

  6. TWELVE!?!?!?!? Holy cow woman! Good luck with that. ;)

  7. I love to watch the little ones dance! It's stinkin' adorable!
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels like putting amen at the end of a post. lol.