Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Missionary

So this has to be a quick post because I'm leaving for Washington in just a few hours (yay!) and I have a lot of stuff to do! But I did want to put these pics up for the fam in Michigan and anyone else who wants to see Adam on his way to the MTC.
He got here yesterday and so one of the first errands we needed to run for him was getting him ties! His favorite was the yellow one.

After making sure he had everything he needed we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a delicious dinner. Every time I asked Adam if there was anything else he wanted to do on his last day of "freedom" all he said was that he wanted to visit his Grandparents. What a sweetie.

Grandpa pretends to be tough but he's a softie at heart. He was kissing my cheeks 2 seconds before I took this picture.

Since Adam was already set apart before he came there was a limit to the things we could do last night. So instead of sitting around staring at each other we decided to play a couple games. We first battled each other in Mancala where we each won a game and called it all a tie. Then it was Simpson's operation time. Adam's concentration was unmatched by all playing the game that night.
Got it!
He beat me by only $200 (a small margin indeed) Darn that cute little missionary!
We thought it would be a good idea to get a shot of us both before leaving the house. This is what happens when you don't have a tripod. You can't tell but he is holding my hand in this picture. I miss him so much already!
I thought the clock behind him looked like a halo. Appropriate, no?
The Man himself
I told him to make a silly face and lo and behold we did almost the exact same thing. Ha ha!

Mom was great to send him with a checklist before he came out to make sure we didn't forget anything. Notice the little postscript she wrote at the end...

Doh! We forgot to pick his hangers up from Grandma's while we were there last night. Luckily I had a bunch in my trunk (random) and so he opened up his suitcase out in the parking lot and stuffed them in.

There was some sort of training going on for a new mission president at the MTC so we actually met at a church by the stadium. I was impressed at how quickly they were able to move the missionaries through their checkpoints.
A volunteer showed us how to clip Adam's bags together. He felt like he was pulling a train.
Waiting for his name tag.
Getting some vital information from a short little lady that you can't see at all in this picture.
Adam called me Mom #2 the whole day since I was filling in for our own mother and so I got the privilege of putting his name tag on.
It was a little harder to get on than I thought it would be.
Adam and his Grandparents
Us. Again.
Here he is, ready to go.
And one last shot. By the way, he is 6'4" in those shoes. I'm pretty sure he'll stand out in Taiwan, what do you think?

P.S. Many of you may have noticed something different about me. Yes, I did part my hair on the right instead of the left side. This is a big change for me but I'm sure we'll all adjust.

P.P.S. Adam asked if I wanted him to kill Sammy. I said.... No. Tyson, I am not the same woman you married. I hope you can come to love the new me. Moral: never name household pests. It will not bode well for you.

P.P.P.S. This was not a short post like I said it would be.


  1. Mari, thank you for all those wonderful pictures. I felt I was there. You were very brave to take on the MTC--it can scar you for life and now you have done it twice. I love you--enjoy your reunion with Tyson.

  2. THANKS for the play by play for the missionary. I feel all teary eyed! Have a lovely trip with your hubby. Don't forget to keep us posted.

  3. Aw, your brother is so cute! We have to set him up with someone cool, aka outside of the music department. miss you already! What will I do all summer?!?

  4. He sure is a great looking missionary!! Good luck to Adam!!

    You're in WA now? Are you all moved?

  5. Adam looks absolutely adorable! You were so good to take him through the MTC. Maybe it will be easier now when you have to take your own sons there someday. Then again, probably not!

  6. Wait... is mom's life scarred cause she took me to the MTC? I was having a pretty good time when I went...

  7. Wow! I can't believe he's already headed off. Looks like you did a great job as "mom #2"....all the best to Adam, he'll be fantastic!
    Oh, & have a GREAT trip!

  8. I changed my site address. I hope you don't mind updating it!