Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A sunset, a closet, a portrait

So last night I saw a glow outside my window and when I went out I saw the most beautiful sunset! This picture does it no justice because I am in no way, shape, or form a photographer but it does show a little bit of the glorious pink that was in the sky.
After taking 700 bad pictures of a sunset and one good picture of a sunset I went back inside to clean and a sneaky, nasty moth flew in with me. It flew past my head and straight at the light - you know how moths are - and I froze for 3 straight minutes trying to decide what to do. I hate moths. They always fly in my face or in my hair or something freaky like that. Then they get their little moth dust all over the place {shudder} and it's so gross!! Well at any rate, it flew down under the table and disappeared! It's gone. Totally gone. I haven't seen that nasty thing in 24 hours. I'm not sure if it died somewhere, {double shudder} or if its gonna show up in another 2 days and freak me out, or maybe there was never a moth here in the first place and I was tricked by a leaf or something. Who knows?
So after the moth incident I turned to this:

This is our laundry room... closet. It has been a mess in here pretty much since the first day we moved in. Proof: those boxes up there, including the one with the hammer sticking out of it are also holding wedding announcements. 3 year old wedding announcements! For heaven's sake, why did I save those? It's not like we're gonna send them out again.
And now...

Ta da!!!

It looks so much better! One goal for my Time Without Tyson (TWOT) complete!

And now I've got a few glamour head shots of myself mostly so Tyson doesn't forget what I look like. (and if I took 700 shots of a sunset you can only imagine how many I took of myself, heh heh)

This next one is an ode to America's Next Top Model. I really think I've perfected Tyra's squinty-yet-open eyed look. So fierce! You should really see my catwalk.

Ah, the Pièce de résistance.

I miss you my love!!!


  1. So glad you are back-Love the head shots and please keep us posted on your TWOT activities-! Hope you're doing ok

  2. Hey, great job on the closet! Can you come do mine now?

    Also, in commemoration of your moth, I will share with you that we found a dead baby mouse that was left for us in the basement by our cats. Double ick! I had David, as the oldest boy in the house, take care of it. I will sincerely hope that you have no dead critters whilst Tyson is away!

    (p.s...great face shots!)

  3. I love you so much. Thanks for cleaning out the laundry room for us. Hopefully the moth doesn't multiply once you leave. That is a real pretty sunset. Sad that I wasn't there with you. Love you.

  4. It looks like someone has too much time on their hands. :o)

  5. You are so much hotter than Tyra! Way to go on the closet! I hope your TWOT time goes fast! Luv ya babe!

  6. you know what? I STILL find little piles of wedding announcements around in random boxes..and we've moved FOUR times since we got married SIX years ago. ha ha it!

    PS- so fierce!