Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memoirs of a road trip

Well, I'm back from my whirlwind trip to Washington to drop Tyson off for his internship. We left Friday afternoon, got there Saturday night and I left early Monday morning. Really early. Everything went really well, no problems driving or flying thank goodness! Here's a couple of pictures for ya. Sorry that there aren't really any of me! Or anyone else for that matter. I did a good job taking pics until people were around so we've got a lot of landscape and object shots!
This guy is lucky that his anonymity was preserved by my slow reaction time because he was reading while he was driving on the freeway. Reading! And it wasn't like he was reading a map, he had a novel in his hand! We were eager to separate ourselves from him and avoid any destruction his negligence could cause.This is a rare shot because the mountains in Utah are almost never green. It was so nice to see them all lush and gorgeous.
Speaking of gorgeous... Hey there mister! Tyson was a stud out on the road. He drove almost the whole way himself and didn't complain at all. I graced him with a most excellent back rub for his efforts.
We spent the night at Tyson's grandma's house in Rupert, Idaho (a booming metropolis) and even though the weather looks fabulous in this picture it was only 35 degrees outside! Brrr.
We also took the time to visit Tyson's grandpa's grave while we were there.

Ooh, a rare shot of the photographer herself. I prefer to be incognito in the glare of the window as I had no makeup and greasy hair during the whole trip. I wanted to make our separation easier for Tyson by being as unattractive as possible in the days before we had to say goodbye.

Although we really really wanted to visit the international museum of carousel art... (huh?) we just didn't have the time to stop. What a shame.

Before I knew it I was back on the plane home. The flight was pretty basic: old guy sitting too close to me; wing shaking so much that I had a vision of it falling off mid flight; that unnerving feeling where you know the pilot just put the brakes on and you're about to drop like a rock... Just your typical flight!


  1. I'm glad the pilot didn't put on the breaks and you didn't fall like a rock.

    How long is the internship? When do you get to go out and join him?

  2. His internship is until the first week of august and i go out june 25 after taking adam to the mtc (yay!)

  3. Are those my sun glasses Tyson is wearing?