Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love Washington

And Washington loves me.

Well, I made it safe and sound to the lovely evergreen state. Sorry it took me so long to blog but it took us awhile to get a wireless router and I didn't want to spend 10 hours on my in-law's computer, just 3 or 4.

So now that I'm here my first order as blogmaster of my new Washington universe is to entice you all to come to me, as opposed to me ever leaving here again. I will do this by exhibiting various artsy fartsy shots of some of the gorgeous plant life my mother-in-law has cultivated around her house.
Things just seem to grow around here. Everything is so green and beautiful and life springs forth from nothing! There is even a plant growing from the gutter on the roof of the house. This is not like Utah where you can water your plants, talk to them, teach them Spanish, do yoga with them and they still die. Nope Washington is not like that at all. It even started raining when I was taking pictures; I thought that was fitting.
Speaking of pictures... someday I promise to get a fancy camera and photo shop and take a class or two on photography so that my pictures somewhat resemble a high quality photo, but for now this is all I've got. Sorry.

It was right about here that I stuck my elbow in some birdie doo trying to get my "perfect" shot. See, Washington is so wonderful that I didn't even mind.

Signing off,

Blogmaster of Washington.

Come visit me.


  1. Mari-somehow the visualization of doing yoga with a plant just really set me off......then after all the photos, I am ready to move to Washington STate!!!!

  2. who needs a fancy camera or photoshop...those pics are gorgeous. way to go. have a fun summer in washington!

  3.'re making me so jealous again!!! i'm melting in 111 degree heat and you're living it up in the beautiful 'couve. oh how i miss it!