Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was not really an eventful day but I feel like talking about it so I will.

I woke up to my alarm at 7:00 and then promptly fell back asleep until my friend called at 9:00 and got me leaping out of bed. I didn't hesitate to lie when she asked if she woke me up but I think I got busted when my initially high fake voice was replaced by a scratchy raspy version of me as we kept talking. I really wanted to come clean after I realized my voice was out of control but it seemed too late at that point. Sorry! I feel kinda bad about it.

After that minor fiasco I thought it might be time to shower after but about halfway through I couldn't remember if I put conditioner in my hair. So I took a gamble and did not put any (more?) in. Gamble paid off! Hair was lovely today. Kinda. Minus the bangs. I guess they weren't really feelin' it.

So... blah blah blah... Homework... blah blah blah... Class... blah blah blah... Work. Speaking of work how do you guys feel about mothers feeding their children in public? Like... not from a bottle, if you get my drift. I normally don't mind it as long as there is an element of modestly involved but today I felt distinctly uncomfortable as a woman nursed totally exposed not 1 foot from me.

While she tried on glasses.

It was a very awkward moment for me... almost as awkward as when I dropped a french fry between the seats of my car today and then looked around to make sure no one was watching before I fished it out and ate it. I felt an unexpected wave of shame then, and I feel it now. Hey, let's all be grateful that I didn't just leave it there!

Ok, well it's late and I'm tired and my throat hurts and my stomach hurts (probably from that rogue fry) and I can't do anything about it because this happened a couple weeks ago and I haven't replenished my supply since then.

Desperate times.

Anyway, since life is pretty ho hum these days I guess you're just going to have to put up with my rambling soliloquies for awhile until I do something noteworthy. Like sing in church. Ha! Get it!? Noteworthy! Heh... ho ho... hee hee hee....


Ok, well anyhoo, I'll probably delete this post after I read it in a well rested state tomorrow and realize how dumb it is. But if you are one of the lucky ones to catch it before it's gone, count your blessings!


  1. Ahh, you funny girl. I've been enjoying going back over your posts. I've had many a day when I needed a swig from the old Pepto bottle. Be not ashamed. ;)

  2. Mari i am laughing so hard! you are so funny. Um to bad that wasn't me nursing by you. Just kidding. i hate when people dont
    cover up.

  3. you are too funny. AND YOU STILL HAVE THAT BEAUTIFUL PINEAPPLE SHIRT!!! Glad you found my blog!

  4. Yes, the Pepto bottle. Anyone related to the Nielson family has the curse of the bad stomach gene---ask my kids....

  5. Don't delete it. I like it! Some blogs you read you feel like everything is always perfect in their life and that you are not so awesome because your life isn't perfect. But your's real. That's how life is. It's not all beautiful days in the sun, and perfectly taken pictures. (although yours are always way cute!) You go about your life day-to-day, and it's good to reflect on and record those funny things that happen to you.