Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foto February, Day 1

So I stole this idea from my cousins Jen and Jess. Take/post a photo everyday in the month of February. I can do that, right? And I'll even try not to make all the pictures of Logan, how's that?

Um, this first day kinda is about Logan though. Sorry!

So I finally finished the blanket that I started for Logan before he was born.


I have to say that all my hard work was validated when I spread the blanket out and Logan jumped right on it.
 He didn't even mind the crookedly sewn lines and the bunchy corners.
Too bad he didn't get to enjoy it the first year and a half of his life huh? Cheers for procrastination!


  1. Great idea! I'm doing it now, too! The Foto February thing, not finishing a blanket. Although, I *do* have a few that need to be finished...

  2. Hey, you are on your way to becoming a quilt maker. Good for you. I love the photos.