Thursday, February 10, 2011

Foto February, Day 10

Well it seems that the new rage in blog land is taking pictures of yourself and talking about your clothes, where you got them, how thrifty you were, etc. 

I can jump on this bandwagon.




(Oh wait, I don't have a full length mirror so when I want to see myself I stand on a chair in front of the bathroom sink. Also, I apparently lost the windex.)


If you show up unexpectedly (or even not) at my house between the hours of 6 and 10am I will most likely be wearing this.

Sweatshirt: UVU - alma mater

T-shirt: From my freshman year (that's high school, folks) of cross country. My own mother was embarrassed of me when she came to visit last and it was still in my closet.
What? 1997 was a good year, plus it reminds me that once upon a time I ran 8 miles. Straight.

Velvety black pants: Also, high school. I can't remember if I got them sophomore or junior year but I vividly remember wearing them to school. The 90's were good for everyone's wardrobe, I'm telling you.

Hair: A hot mess. Needs a cut.

So, there you have it. It would probably be tough to score this exact look today, but we can't all be fashionistas. If you save the clothes you have now for the next thirteen years you might have a chance at being as cool as me. 



  1. The pants...I might remember the pants...yikers.

  2. Hey-be proud that you can still FIT into those pants and t-shirt after this many years and giving birth!!!

  3. Ha I love this. Mostly because the people who take themselves seriously while taking "outfit pictures" really bug me. Yet I continue to stalk their blogs because I need fashion help.

  4. Hahahaha. I love reading your blog, because it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud. And you manage to achieve it every time! Old t-shirts are the best. No other shirts are as soft or worn in!

  5. haha- i must say this is the same lounge outfit you wore 6 years ago when we were roommates...minus the sweatshirt. I have a picture of you in it- dancing to michael jackson's greatest hits of course : ) you are even more adorable now- believe it or not!