Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Foto February, Day 2

My bedroom needs a redo. Or actually just a do since not much has happened to it since we moved here.
We did inherit a king size bed from our neighbors which was great although Tyson says he misses my bum in his back when we sleep.

Well, I have to apologize for not asking your advice but I began my bedroom redo journey already by painting the room.

Great. Check.

Now what...?

Ok, I guess I know what. Pillows, headboard, art, drapes, the works.



  1. I saw on that someone took an awesome old picture frame and took the picture part out and put fabric in, painted the frame part and use it as a head board. it was AWESOME! It would look so cool. Go see if you can find it, scroll through a bit. Jealous. i wish i had time to redo or just do stuff around my house... :) good luck!

  2. Oh sweet! You have just introduced me to another favorite blog. And that frame turned headboard is awesome.

  3. I need to "DO" my room too. We actually got a headboard finally and I bought sheets to match my new comforter, so I'm getting closer! It has been 2 years though.

  4. My bedroom needs a 'do', too. Maybe mine will happen this month. If it does you'll see it! ;)