Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Justin Bieber, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie collide

I was going to blog about this tender moment that Logan and I shared, but after writing it all up and reading it over I decided that it was interesting to no one but me. So I saved it for myself and chose to write about something else only interesting to me.

Logan's hair/celebrity impersonations.

Tyson and I love to compare actors to other actors and to people we know. I figure we are not very good at it because we usually disagree but still, it's fun. For example: Tyson thinks our neighbor totally looks like Giada De Laurentiis and I say no way.

Anyway, sometimes when Logan wakes up his hair brings to my mind certain celebrities. Such as The Bieber.
Then there was one that I thought looked like David Bowie...
But then Tyson's mom suggested Rod Stewart and to that I say yes.

At any rate, the hair had to go so we subjected Logan to the trauma of haircut number 2.

This time actually went a lot better. Tyson held him and we sang songs while Logan squeezed his eyes shut and went to his happy place. Kinda like this.
End result?
Cutest baby ever!

In other Lowder news:
Tyson's birthday was yesterday! Happy birthday my love!

He gets hunkier every day.


  1. He looks so cute! Good job friend. Great haircut. I hope Tyson had a good birthday.

  2. Hahahaha. Sometimes MY hair looks like Rod Stewart in the morning! :) I'm still working up the nerve to cut Emily's hair. GAH!

  3. "I was like baby, baby, baby..."

    You should teach him to sing that. It would be a great trick. :)

  4. justins birthday was the 30th too!!! How funny!! And logans hair is always soo cute!

  5. Cute baby! Belated Happy Birthday to Tyson.