Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foto February, Day 22

So this one doesn't actually have a picture but at least I'm still blogging!

Jonie at Just Between Friends gave me a couple awards! I'm so flattered especially since Jonie is totally famous now and just won second place in Crafting with the Starts over at Sew Dang Cute.

She has mad skills.

Anyway, she has bestowed this:
and this:
Thanks Jonie!

So this is what I do next:
-Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you
-Share seven random things about you
-Nominate 15 other bloggers
-Contact the bloggers and inform them of the award

So, lots of love going around. Now I have to think of seven random facts...

1. Sometimes I pretend to be an ice skater and I practice my triple (okay, single) salchow on the carpet. I'm always afraid I'm going to land wrong and have to explain to a doctor (and the rest of the world) how I sprained my ankle just hanging out at home. I keep doing it though because Logan thinks it's funny.

2. Sometimes when I blow my nose water comes out my eye. It's so gross.

3. My most embarrassing moment occurred when I went line dancing one night and through a series of rigorous moves my pants split up the bum. Did I go home? No. I tied a shirt around my waist until my roommate brought me a new pair of pants.

4. I once got paid to swing dance for the opening of the Special Olympics in Mt. Pleasant (my hometown).

5. I don't really like to cook and when I think of the thousands and thousands of meals I'll be making over the course of my life I get a little stressed out.

6. I think birds are gross.

7. I kinda like the wonderpets and sometimes when Logan isn't watching anymore... I still am. How will they save the sea turtle!?

Okay, enough of that. Here are my nominees for both awards. I cheated like Jonie did and only chose seven. Sorry!

1. Kendra at The Oakden Post
2. Becky at Getting Lowder Everyday
3. Julianna at A Hermit's Ranting Tantrums
4. Rachel at Legally Blond
5. Jenni at Scotty, Jenni, and Claire
6. Meggin at The Marchant Family
7. Lesley at Kensington Blue


  1. Ha! Your #1? I totally do that, too. My "training" is especially out of control when I'm watching the winter Olympics.

  2. Thanks for making my day!

    Last the best of all the game, right? RIGHT? Just kidding, of course.

    You should win an award for your honest, refreshing, hilarious take on motherhood.

  3. Thanks Mari for making me feel so special! I LOVE reading your witty blog!

  4. I'm honored, Mari. I...I...I don't know what to stay. I didn't prepare a speech or anything....