Friday, February 4, 2011

Foto February, Day 4

Logan working hard at one of his favorite pastimes. Reorganizing the spice cupboard.

This danger in this mission is twofold: one, his adoration of twirling when he's happy and high places do not mix; and two, his unpredictable toots and poops plus the proximity of my nose to his bum make for a precarious situation for me.

But I was willing to sacrifice for him (and believe me, I did) because he's been sick all week and just today was diagnosed with infections in both ears.

In three weeks we go back to reassess the situation and discuss tubes.


  1. If there are no perforations in the eardrum, you can use garlic and mullein drops. You buy them at the healthfood store, warm them and drop two drops in each infected ear (can't remember how often.) They worked wonders for my kids and kept us tube free.

  2. Emma had to get tubes this last summer. It wasn't too bad for her, except the smell from it was awful for, like, a month! But, I think that was because they also did an adenoidectomy at the same time (shaved down her adenoids). Bleck! I hope your little man gets better soon!

  3. twirling and tubes... makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

    poor guy:(