Saturday, February 12, 2011

Foto February, Day 12

This one will get FIVE pictures. What!? I know.

We took Logan to a Monster Jam at the Rose Garden today. Tyson's dad got tickets for us and we thought it sounded fun. It also sounded like it was right during Logan's nap but we figured we'd find a way around it. Turns out Logan actually slept through the first few minutes in spite of the deafening trucks.

 But that didn't last long. 
 We could not believe how interested he was. He just kept pointing and saying truck? truck? We were worried we'd only get to stay for half hour or so but Logan lasted through the entire two hours. 
 Best part? This "Megasaurus" unfolded out of a truck fully animated and breathing fire. It proceeded to "eat" this entire car. 
Not gonna lie, it was pretty cool.

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