Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Because someone had to do it.

Today I drooled on the front of my own shirt while taking a nap with Logan. He's been too busy pooping to drool lately so I thought I would do the job for him.

It's been a rough week with the boy. He's been sick and I was seriously considering describing the injustices I've had to endure involving bodily fluids but I thought maybe not.

At least not today :)

No, I thought today would be a good day for a brighter subject.


The crafting around here has been a little slim due to a certain someone who shall remain nameless...
But I haven't been experiencing a completely dry spell.

Luckily the mod podge flows free in the Lowder home and oh how I love the happy combination of painting and glue. It just inspires creativity.
Hmmm... I actually forgot that I didn't use the podge for this first project, I used spray adhesive. C'est la vie.
I think I intended these to be valentines day decorations but they look sorta springy to me now. So they'll most likely be a centerpiece until June.
Or November.

Depends on my level of motivation to switch them out.
They are old tin cans covered in paper in case you can't tell.

Next task, coasters. These ones I actually did use mod podge for, promise.


A little paint, a little paper, a little podge, boom. Done.

My most recent project has been the sweetest of them all.
I saw this on my friend the How-To Gal's blog and just had to try it.

Someone out there thought to combine two of my favorite things.

Here is the before.
Yeah, these shoes definitely have dust on them. Clearly I haven't worn them in awhile so I figured if I ruined them, no harm done.

First thing I did (after cleaning off the dust) was cut off the bows and stuff.
Because I hate them?
No. Because I definitely did not know how to mod podge them.

Anyway, I picked out some fabric whipped out my trusty brush and podge and went to it.
Ohhhh yeah.

New shoes, basically, and they only cost me the price of the fabric. $2.50.

The running man may have made a reappearance.
While wearing these shoes.

Now I'm trying to decide if they need a little embellishment or not.

Yea? Nay?
I think they definitely need a little something.
By the way I did spray them with an acrylic sealant seeing how it has been known to rain in these parts. Hopefully it works.

Go mod podge something, it's super fun!


  1. I'm not so crafty, but I am WAY impressed by how you re-made those shoes!

  2. I love what you did with those shoes! Totally spiced them up and made them reusable! How clever!

  3. I DO have to go get some mod podge. And I'm addicted to a new craft blog. Thanks, Mari.

  4. I am so impressed! I especially love the shoes- I would never have thought to do something like that to shoes. They are so cute!I like them with and without the flowers, so I am not help, haha.

  5. You're so crafty! I'm jealous. I love the shoes!

  6. I like it with the flower. What shall you Modge Podge next?

  7. Verrry cute! You need to model them on your feet too.

  8. heck yes, I'm so going to make me a new pair of shoes!!!

  9. Bah! What a splendid idea! I'm totally going to do that, I have tons of shoes I hate!

  10. lol…my new favorite line is the second sentence of this post! thanks for that. :)

  11. Holy crap, I love the shoes!! I wish I could come craft with you. And ditto on the Mod Podge-love that stuff.

  12. Guess what I am doing tonight while Adam is on a campout with the scouts? You guessed it! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!

  13. the shoes rock and you HAVE to add the flower.

  14. I could never do this and have it look all cute like that. If I tried they would look like I'd been walking through the gutter and accidentally picked up some newspaper dredge.

  15. Thank you for the feature! Love the shoes :)