Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello friends, I need your help again.

As I've gotten older I've become more and more comfortable admitting my faults, both to myself and the internet. Like that I don't feel guilty at all feeding my family cookies for dinner and that I like Miley Cyrus' music.

Also, I do not have an eye for color. I can agonize for weeks about what color to paint a room and then still do it wrong. Besides that one time that I just grabbed a mistint from home depot and went all crazy in the downstairs bathroom. Painting a room the wrong color isn't so much a costly mistake thank goodness, however, since I took a vow to never paint behind a toilet again that bathroom is what it is. Forever.

Anyway, I would like to paint our front room a lovely shade of green. And with that comes a couple questions. Which color and are either of these even lovely? (I'm looking at the lightest shade by the way.)
Tyson looked at these and said that even though the one on the left was obviously more gray it looked lime to him.

I had to ask him approximately 47 times if he meant to say lime and also if he knew what color lime actually was. Then I wondered secretly if I knew what color lime was. Then I wondered if I knew what left was. I even held up my hands to see which one made the "L". Then I double checked that method by pretending to write something, thus confirming where right was. So, secondary third question - does the one on the left look lime to you?

I'm actually thinking that I might like to find a color somewhere between these two because even though in this picture I like the one on the right more, I'm afraid a whole room covered in it could turn out to be a little intense. It kinda looks brighter in real life than on my computer screen.

Would you like to see the front room?
We've taken special care to really make this room nice so please take note of our minimalistic and classy decor choices. I took another picture from a different angle but you could see Logan laying on the floor crying and I totally felt bad mom vol. 3 coming on so I didn't post it. Then I picked him up. He wasn't there for long, don't worry.

Anyway, color opinions? Anyone?


  1. If you want 'green' go with one of the swatches on the right. The ones on the left pull blue (at least on my monitor- especially next to the ones on the right), and I think you'd end up with more of a slate blue/gray than you'd bargained for. You can buy test paint for like $6 for a tiny can and actually slap it up on your walls to see how you feel about the color once it's up.

    My best suggestion is to put the swatches up to your couches or whatever is in the room and see how it looks. For example, we used to have beige couches, and we had to shy away from just about every beige paint because it pulled orange or yellow or green and made the wall color look really wonky next to the couches. Good thing my mom is an interior designer and a color whiz. Maybe you could fly her out :)

    Colors are crazy. You can practically major in color theory, it's so intense.

  2. I'm really afraid to give my opinion here because these were the color choices I agonized over before painting our condo in Orem. I deliberated for days, held the swatches to my walls, counter tops and kitchen cabinets over twenty times and then picked a color. I knew it was the perfect color. It had to be. After Mike and I painted one wall I stood back to admire. Took another step back, squinted my eyes and took another step back to sit on the couch. I sat there for a few minutes not knowing how to break the silence. Mike eventually turned to look at me and said, "You don't like it, do you?" I hated it. Somehow the color I picked looked like sea foam green and it was hideous against the cabinets. The next day I came home with 2 cans of Parisian White (white with a touch of taupe). I wimped out and ended up with the most boring "color" one could choose.
    I suggest you buy your two favorite colors in pint sizes and put them both on the wall, let them sit for 24 hours and then decide.

  3. The one on the left looks gray to me too. Good luck. We painted the outside of our house and I hate the's very blah. So be brave-you can always paint over!

  4. Hello there! I stumbled across your question- I own a paint color consulting business (Color Zen). I would be happy to offer some advice/suggest some shades. What would you like the color to look like on the walls? A subtle sage green?

  5. The one on the left looks sort of gray/blue to me. I love the one on the top right, though. Go for it!

  6. The one on the left is *definitely* not lime! Like everyone else said, it looks really blue/gray. The one on the right is a really nice soft, sagey green. But, getting a sample can and painting a section to test it out first before going the whole hog is a great idea. We're boring--our whole house is painted in "Navajo White".

  7. i like the ones on the right. my fav is the right, 2nd one up.

  8. I've heard that take the color you like, go down one on the chip and THAT's the color it will look like on the wall.

    Green is calming. I like green for a front room. I do think going to dark will make for a drab sense around the room.

    I actually like the walls the way they are, and if you left them there'd be no worry about what if you choose the wrong green. :)

    Oh, and at least in the picture; that green is not lime.

    So, in other words, I am no help. :)

  9. The one on the left looks blue to me and the on the right looks more gray. I painted our walls to accent the paintings on the wall. Be sure you take that into account. Lighter colors look better with prints or paintings. Like everyone said you can always paint it over. I also liked what you already have on the walls.