Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Geocache, Attempts 2... and 3

With renewed information that our cache was indeed there and not covered by a parking lot we set out again to find it. In spite of the difficulty being a 1.5 out of 5 (aka not hard) we were still plagued by geocache blindness. In the spirit of pretending it never happened I didn't even photo document this second failure.

So we picked a new one and decided to start fresh!

Logan thought that if he maybe dressed with a pirate theme we would find our treasure successfully.
(In reality he cries about 3.7 seconds after his hat gets turned like this.)

At any rate, we found one!! I'm not sure if I'm violating the geocacher's code (is there a code?) by posting these pictures but woo hoo, hot dog, we found it.
I may or may not have exhibited an embarrassing display of excitement, and if anyone tells you they saw me doing the running man on the side of the road, it's a lie.

The cache was full of treasures galore.
We wanted to contribute something to the pot but we forgot to bring a trinket and when we asked Logan if he was willing to donate his pacifier he said no.
We were so fired up after that genius find, by golly we continued on to find another one.

We now consider ourselves experts in the geocache field, thank you very much. The whole way home we were plotting bike rides, hikes, and campouts with geocaching as the main theme. I do have to admit though that I won't rest completely until we can find that dang first one that we set out to get. Someday, someday...


  1. OK - fun!! I totally want to try! I bet the Mia Maids would have fun doing that! Your posts crack me up!

  2. Yay!!
    Love the running man imagery, you little liar. I KNOW you were doing a spirited rendition of an early 90's classic dance move.

  3. Awesome. Clint and I went geocaching once too, and same thing. We felt like total losers. You've given me the courage to try again! lol.

  4. Your adventures are hilarious. And Logan's cheeks are adorable!

  5. Ok so I must be a total retard but I don't even know what geocaching is?!? Anyway, It looks like fun even though I don't totally understand! And, Mari you are oh so hot!