Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He had a birthday shout hooray!

We celebrated a birthday this weekend!

My man has left his 20s. FOREVER.

If you ask me, he doesn't look a day over 29. Although admittedly there may not be much of a difference between one day over 29 and five. Oh, and I guess I took this picture when he was 29 anyway. Meh.

We celebrated by inviting family over for a rib dinner and sitting the kids down for a movie.

Show no fear Logan. No fear!
After dinner Tyson opened presents with a little help from a couple excited little munchkins.
Logan wished he was old enough to help. But he's not. Although he definitely has developed an affinity for wrapping paper in the time between Christmas and now.
We pretty much stood around and took pictures while Tyson lit his own candles...
and then oohed and aahed at the blazing inferno that the cake became.

I took one for that team when I mistook a blob of wax for a rainbow chip. In the spirit of not wasting the best frosting ever I ate it anyway, and continued to relish its deliciousness. We love our funfetti! Tyson's favorite cake was yellow with chocolate frosting before he married me. He has since seen the error of his ways and come into the light. Must be all that wisdom of the ages guiding him.


Happy birthday babe! I love you!

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  1. Please tell T that he can stay 29 forever. I have.