Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Geocache. Attempt 1

I got Tyson a G.P.S. for his birthday, so after tracking himself walking around the house and driving to work, the first thing we did was use it to go geocaching!

But we've never done it before, which might be why after explaining the concept to Logan...
we first went the wrong direction...
and then ended up here.
Maybe it needs some sort of satellite transmission update?
No change.
Even with our inexperience, the middle of a parking lot just seemed wrong so we searched around the area and only found one thing of interest.
Gross. Obviously it wasn't there. Geocachers don't use poop as hiding spots right? I mean, I suppose it could be like fake poop or something but as respectable adults we just wouldn't go there.

I mean really, come on.

Ok, fine. FINE!

We went there.
I know.
I'm sure anyone who has actually geocached is laughing right now but at least we used a stick to flip it over.
We used the stick, we felt like fools, we walked away.

Logan totally had a good time at least.
Plus on our way home I got to test out our stroller's offroading capabilities. (Our house is in the background, the one nearly obscured by the setting sun. Just in case you were wondering.)
We looked again on-line at the geocache spot curious to know if we should have cross referenced the last time someone geocached there with the most recent construction. We were fairly certain we were looking for an older spot now covered by a parking lot.

Nope, people have found it.

In fact, people found it yesterday.

So we are stupid.

But not easily deterred.

We will find the cache, and we will find the cache soon. We cannot allow this first attempt to end in failure; what kind of example would that be to our son after all?

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Haha! You guys are great! My family is really into Geocaching. It's so fun once you actually find what you're looking for. Normally people hide their treasures in a box. Keep trying and good luck!!!

  2. I have always wanted to go geo-caching! You'll have to let me know what you find!!!

  3. geocaching? geoooo… ka-ching? what are you cashing or catching? i have never heard of this word. i have not yet entered the gps world.

  4. just a suggestion. Email some of the geocacher who have found it. start with the ones that are in your area and have at a few under their belt.
    Oh to do that click on their name and their profile come up and you can email them thru the web site. Most of us love helping out newbies.

  5. What fun would life be if you couldn't try something new. Good for you.

  6. Ok...just reading your cute blog...noticed my house in your pics! Nice pile of big poop, though! (Not my house...although some days it is not exactly the cleanest!)
    Shelley :)