Monday, February 15, 2010

Our weekend

Happy day after valentine's day!

We pretty much spent the whole weekend celebrating the day of love, especially since we consider it an anniversary as well because our first date was on Valentine's day FIVE years ago.

The last five years went by way fast. It made us nervous to think of how quickly the next five years are going to go.

Here we are five years ago minus a couple months. We were already engaged :)

We were also killing time. We had just gotten dropped off at the airport after Tyson's first trip visiting my parents only to discover that our flight was cancelled. Unfortunately Austin had already left.
He didn't have a cell phone.
It was a long wait.
Luckily we were at the airport that was 45 min away from home instead of the one 2.5 hours away.
Tyson thought it was funny that they did stuff manually that a lot of airports have electronics for now. It's a small airport, what can I say?

Ok, back to the present. Tyson came home from work on Friday with a bouquet of tulips and cupcake mix.

Why cupcake mix?
Because I have been obsessing over cupcakes lately, I don't know why. I think because they seem to be everywhere these days and I wanted to join the fun.

Notice that my piping skills improved as I went down the line. That one on the far left was more than a little rough.

Saturday Tyson and I were super excited because his parents volunteered to watch Logan while we went on a date.

Our first date without the boy! Logan fell asleep while we were driving over to their house which we thought was perfect so we delivered our angel and went to lunch.

The conversation was good, the food was good, the place was cold, but luckily I had my coat.
Such bliss.

I did have a minor heart attack when I realized I had the pacifier in my pocket, but we figured he would probably be fine. The child isn't much of a binky kid, he just likes it every once in a while.

We finished up our date, proud that we didn't even call to check on the baby. He's been to the in-laws house plenty of times after all, and we already know that he likes Tyson's parents.

However, when we got back Logan was... in hysterics. To put it mildly. He had only been awake and crying for about 15 min but it was clearly the longest 15 min of his life. Um yeah, the bink? Might have come in handy.

I think maybe it wasn't such a good idea to drop him off while he was sleeping. Waking up without his parents and not at home might have been a bit much for his first babysitting experience.

He now cries at strangers.

Anywho, after that Tyson and I rented a movie, bought some oreos and ice cream and enjoyed a casual night together.

Sunday I woke up to truffles and a gift certificate for a massage. I am so dang excited. My back and shoulders hurt worse now than they did while I was pregnant. I've never had a real massage before, I will definitely let you know how it goes.

All in all, it was a great weekend...

Oh, what was that? You're wondering what I got Tyson?

Heh, wouldn't you like to know.

Seriously though, I'm not telling. Hope you had a wonderful love day!


  1. So sweet... Chris got me chinese take out and a wii exercise game...nust be trying to tell me something huh!

  2. Those cupcakes sure look yummy. Were they?