Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Self Portrait

Last day of the photo challennnnnnnnnnnnnnge!

Done done duh-duh-duh done!

Today for my self portrait you get "Mari Unscripted"

I don't even know what that means actually. Basically what you're getting is me with no makeup and wet hair. 

And by the way I don't even like to go out in public like this so you should feel very special. I like to pretend the blog isn't really me so if you see me on the street let's just say this never happened.

So, just as I was getting started guess who wanted to get in on the action?

Yep, that one.

I figured having him there would be nothing but helpful so I let him stick around.

Would you like to know where my exclusive photo location with the nice light is?

It's the bathtub.
Glamour shots by Mari coming to a tub near you.


  1. So beautiful! I love these shots!

  2. For the record, I think you look great with no makeup on! I'm a big fan of natural faces :)

  3. I LOVE them! :) And the one taken with the shiny tub thing is fabulous!

  4. I love it! You look just as beautiful with out makeup.

  5. Bathrooms always have the best light...just saying. ;) Mine is great too. AND fwiw, I think the middle one needs to be BIG, in canvas on your wall. For reals. It is awesome and you look amazing sans makeup. You go girl. Seriously. Blow that sucker up.