Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Close up

This is my new favorite treat. 
Oreos, specifically mint oreos, dipped in almond bark with sprinkles on top.

Gotta have the sprinkles.

Ever since Logan's birthday I have made these for every occasion I can think of. Friend's birthday? Oreos. Dinner party? Oreos. Ran 7 miles? Oreos.

Oh, did I not mention that I ran 7 miles? I did. This 10K is gonna be a cinch! 

Especially since I keep giving myself double stuffed reasons to run. 


  1. You crack me up. And congrats on the 7 miles, by the way. That's pretty awesome!

  2. NOthing wrong with a double stuff reason to run.

  3. Oh my gosh those look amazing! And now I need to buy all the makings for them :)

  4. Love dipped Oreos with sprinkles! When's the 10K? Is there going to be a 5K there too? I've gotta build up my distance again.

  5. The 10k is the salmon creek turkey trot. You should sign up, kelsey! There is a 5k too.