Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I love Holidays!

I'm so sad that Halloween is over! We had a great time this year. We started our celebration on Friday at a party at Kelly's house.

Where I took no pictures.

Possibly because I got there at the same time as a few other moms. Who were not dressed up. And I was. And I didn't know anyone besides Kelly.

You know the feeling.

Anyway, a few other moms came who ended up being dressed up too so I didn't have to feel awkward anymore. But I still didn't take any pictures.

On to the next thing!

We carved pumpkins (of course). I was shouting out Gross! and Sick! while we pulled the guts out (trying to be dramatic and get Logan to say gross because I think it's cute when he does) until Tyson told me he was trying to get Logan involved in the process by not getting him freaked out.


Good idea.

It totally worked too. After we got all the seeds and slime out of the pumpkin, Logan turned around and started putting it all back in. Not afraid of the guts.
 And then he picked up a piece of rind, called it an apple, and started trying to bite it.
 Proof that I was there, ready to disembowel a pumpkin.
 Here's our finished product!
Yeah, mine was the skull, what up?


And by the way I just realized how many pictures this post has so I'm gonna try not to talk as much.

Tyson's parents had their annual Halloween party which we get excited for each year. We started off by taking pictures of our sweet selves outside.

I tried to have an America's Next Top Model moment by "flying" through the air.
Nailed it.
(Have you seen those "nailed it" things on pinterest? Hilarious.)

 He's cute.

The chocolate covered oreos strike again.

 And this time they even included pretzels. 

Spider craft that Tyson's mom prepared for us. They were so cute! Logan has been carrying his around ever since. 

Ghost hunt.

My attempt at getting the kids in one shot.

Logan actually caught on that you weren't supposed to use your hands while eating the doughnut.

At least for the first couple minutes.

Mummy dogs for lunch!

Later that night we had our ward trunk or treat. I was super busy that night so I didn't get any pictures. We did have a photobooth again though!

Logan was obsessed with pushing the button.
Hence, this:

So we had to do it again.

By the time we got to Halloween day I was ready to put away the orange and start playing Christmas music.

But we had to introduce Logan to trick or treating since he's old enough to get it.

This guy has been on our neighbor's porch the last several days and Logan loves him. He calls him Guy.
"Hi Guy!"
"Bye Guy!"
"What's Guy doin'?"
Today when we got home from playgroup Guy was gone.

And that's how we knew Halloween was over.


  1. Mary Poppins!!! :) Loved it! Hopefully we'll be at your ward's next holiday party! *crosses fingers*

  2. Mari thanks so much for the fundraiser idea! Are you in YW? The centerpieces sounds awesome. Just a few questions if you don't mind maybe commenting again, or email me at Are you getting supplies at wholesale? I used to have a wholesale license but let it expire. How much are you charging and what is your profit margin? Thanks!!!

    You make a great Mary Poppins!

  3. your costume is so good! Where did you get the hat - did you make it?