Saturday, October 8, 2011

Woot woot!

Guess wha-at!

I ran FIVE POINT THREE miles this morning, what up endorphins!? Tyson does not even KNOW the runner that he married. And it only took me 3 hours! Ha ha, kidding, it was under an hour but still slow. I pretty much had an entire conversation with an elderly couple I was passing.

But, dare I say, it kinda felt good. Or at least not bad. I'm pretty sure it's some sort of trickery. Like when I was was in cross country freshman year of high school and I ran seven miles and felt awesome. I thought I was really turning a corner with the whole running thing. Maybe I could be good! But then I still stunk at it and continued to find myself racing at the end of the pack chatting it up with slow girls from opposing teams.

So today was probably a fluke and now I'm going to spent the next couple months trying to recreate that feeling before I give up again.

But for now I'm going to be joyful that I ran 5 whole miles.

And don't laugh, that's a lot for me. I've had a 3 mile barrier since that freshman year of high school *cough* 14 years ago! *cough* and it has been plaguing me until now. For now I am victorious.

Downside: definitely gonna be sore tomorrow. Bad.

On a related note, have you seen this?

Except I both look and feel like that little girl.

Especially since having Logan. Things will just never be the same I guess.


  1. wooo! 5 miles! I'm still working on 1! yeah......

  2. Mari you are amazing! I think my running barrier is at 2.5 miles. And that's what it was when I ran cross country. Strange.

  3. Hahahaha I love the picture of that little girl!

    I just finished my last photo blog and posted it and then I looked at yours - we must have been thinking the same thing (not content, but expressions of joy):) Woop woop!

  4. Can you run 2 extra miles for me? :)

    Wish I was there to be a running buddy with you. Good job!

  5. You rock! 5 miles is awesome. The 10K, you can do it. Hey I did it, only trained for oh about 6 weeks and I got sick at least twice during those trainings, worked a ton and ended up running on hills (trained on flat). So I did can to! :)