Friday, October 14, 2011

Something Pink

We're on day 25 of the challenge, woo hoo! At this rate I'll finish by... Christmas at the latest. 

My something pink is, of course, a part of a bigger project.

An alphabet wall for the playroom! 
I was so proud of myself for finally getting these up. I started making these letters like, two months ago maybe? 

This was one of those projects that you think is a brilliant, fun, totally-worth-the-time idea. But then about halfway through the only thing keeping you going is sheer determination because your fingers have blisters on them from using an x-acto knife so much, you've accidentally hot glued so many pieces of fabric to the carpet you don't even tell your husband anymore, and you're not even sure you like crafting that much anyway.

Anyway, I used this sticky silly putty type stuff to adhere everything to the wall. I sorta knew that wasn't a great idea for the heavier things but I thought if I put enough blobs on it would do the job. 

Actually, you know what? If I had put enough on it probably would have done the job. But the instructions said 4 tabs hold a pound, this weighs max 3 lbs, 3x4=12 so... I'll just go ahead and put 6 tabs on.

This is why I usually wait for Tyson to hang things for me. 

And, as you might expect, as soon as I got the final letter hung and put all my stuff away I grabbed the camera, jumped for joy, and the board with "DEF" on it fell off taking half the letters and another frame with it.
Daaaaayyngggg it.
(notice my yarn balls hung in the corner? yep, finally got that done too.)

My "hang it on faith" approach failed me. 

Then, when I went to pick up the pieces I found that the frame took a bite out of the baseboard.
There is a 95% chance that this does not get fixed in my lifetime.

Luckily the clatter of wood crashing to the ground did not wake Logan from his nap and neither did the sound  of his mother hammering the bare minimum of nails into the wall. 

 Sometimes the risk of waking your kid is worth getting a project off your back.

Also, next time you come to my house don't slam any doors or do anything else that might vibrate the walls.

Just sayin'.


  1. This is so cute!!!! I just may have to steal it! Way to go, persevering with the photo challenge! I suck! I'll live vicariously through you!

  2. Dang it about your baseboard!! I just showed you mine and yeah I'll probably never get mine fixed either. At least your is in the play room and not in the dining room! Great job on the letters! THey look awesome!!

  3. That is awesome! The yarn balls are so cute! I am glad they all turned out. I'm doing ABCs and yarn balls in my baby's room... :) sometime.