Friday, October 7, 2011


Well folks, it's that time of the year in the Northwest where the sun is replaced by clouds, fog, and mist and we all become Vitamin D deprived and pale and walk around telling ourselves that we like the rain in order to preserve our sanity.

And then, since we know we'll be wearing bulky sweaters and jackets for the next 8 months, we start overdoing the Halloween candy a month early because we can blame the appearance of pudge on a sweatshirt.

But then our love handles jiggle when we walk.

So we use that as motivation to run.

But it doesn't work.

So we buy another bag of finish off our Reese's, sign up for a 10K, and use that as motivation to run.

And STRESS OUT because we've never run a 10K before and what were we thinking and who wants to run more than, well, any miles anyway, and why does running in the rain WITH a jogging stroller have to be so hard?

Running = Boo, frowny face, and hurt.

Eating = Happy, yummy, and Biggest Loser.

You win for now, running.

Does anyone remember my original point? I must have had caffeine today.

What I was trying to say is that I did not take this picture today because there was no sun.
It was like a month ago, maybe more. Logan was sitting in the yard, pulling peas off the vine and opening the pods. We now have rogue pea plants continuously coming up through the grass.

And uh, this is sunflare, right? Sun... bubbles? 


  1. It's beautiful, whatever it is.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! So true. And who would teach Jim to open and like peas....Jerk. Who would do that.

  3. it seems like a while ago there was something I wanted to comment I've no idea what it was. hmmmm....thanks feeder reader. Nice pics anyway.

  4. Did you really sign up for a 10k?? I want to run it!

  5. Ha ha kelly, "jim". And yeah, what kind of person would teach a kid to like peas? Seriously, rude.

    Amber, I did indeed sign up for a 10k, no lie. It's the Salmon Creek trail turkey trot, Thanksgiving morning. That way you can eat more pie after dinner! You should go sign up! We can run it together! Except I'm slow. There are limited spots, but you can still show up and do it if you don't get in, you just don't get the shirt, which is of course, the only reason to run.