Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From a Distance

Sunday afternoon we went to Lucia Falls to watch the salmon run and enjoy the fall colors.

I'll admit the first time I saw the "falls" I thought they should have been called Lucia Rapids but seeing the salmon leaping up through the water increased their cool factor.

Um, and that's what we did there. Ha ha, I can't think of anything to say today!

I did wake up this morning to find that two more frames from my alphabet wall fell down. 


I gave in and now all the frames have nails holding them up. So you don't have to worry about things falling off the wall and landing on your kid if they come to play.

I know. I'm a good mom.

Hope you've had a great Wednesday!


  1. Great pictures and a lovely Sunday activity. Give us a call if you ever want another family to come on these adventures.

  2. ooooh... you live in a lovely place!!

  3. I miss fall colors! That pic of the salmon jumping up is pretty cool!

  4. I wish I took as good of pictures as you! Props on getting a photo of the fish!