Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yourself with 13 things... but not really

Apparently I don't want to do myself with 13 things. Which is probably why there was nothing on the blog yesterday... oopsies!

I was hoping an extra day of thinking would help me come up with something interesting but no. So instead I thought, how about I show myself when I was 13.

Is this a better idea? Should we find out?


I, for one, am glad the internet has been introduced to my 8th grade i.d. And my Adam's apple. All I can think when I look at this is, thank goodness everyone was awkward at 13. Please tell me that is true.

And just for fun why don't we check out the decades before and after this so that my worst-yearbook-photo-ever isn't the last thing you see from me today.

So here I am on my 3rd birthday..
And my 23rd.
If only everyone was awkward at 23 too.


  1. AWESOME. Completely. Yep, I still have an identical West Intermediate id from that year (of course I was in 7th grade), and my picture is at least as awkward. Probably more. I won't be posting mine online anytime soon. :)

  2. I'm still awkward and I'm *cough, cough* 30. Ahem...

  3. Don't worry I'm still awkward. OH and my I.D.s ugh....7th grade I had bushman eye browns. Then I discovered tweezers and suddenly didn't have any eyebrows - that was the 8th grad pic. Ugh!