Friday, September 2, 2011

What you wore today

Oh boy.

These outfit posts always make me a little uncomfortable. It seems like just when I think I look good, I'll see a picture of myself and... no. 

But, I'm nothing if not obedient (to this challenge) so here goes.
 TWO good hair days in a row! I can't even believe it. 

Oh, I know! I'll move the mirror and sit on the bed and it'll be so cute and I can take the mirror all different places and do all these fun things and try new stuff and...

Oh. Hello there.

Never mind about that whole taking lots of pictures thing. I forgot it wasn't nap time.

Noted - Mom: showered, dressed, hair done, make-up on, looking good. Child: in mismatched pajamas, face dirty, hair unbrushed, diaper full?

And thus the photoshoot concludes.

In case you really wanted to know: Shirt, scarf - forever 21; Jeans - Old Navy; Shoes - Target; Child - Womb.

Um, NOT a pregnancy announcement. Just referring to whence Logan came.


  1. Hahahahaaaaa I love it - "child-womb." We must have been thinking the exact same thing because I just finished blogging my day 2 pic! BTW - super cute outfit :)

  2. ha ha ha! You're cute. And I love your outfit. I wish it was cool enough to wear scarves here, they're just so dang cute! I need a stripy shirt like that one, mind if I copy you?

  3. I think you are adorable, of course. I do have to say that I love my dymo labeler that is listed on your ad. I use it lots!

  4. You always look cute Mari! Love the outfit, but may I ask why you're wearing jeans, long-sleeve shirt and a scarf in 88* weather?? Is this your way of saying bring on Fall?

  5. Ha ha, well becca it was cool in the morning when I was getting dressed. I'll admit I ditched the scarf after lunch though.

  6. So, I am a bit embarrassed that I thought you were announcing a pregnancy. Oopsie. Let's just forget that happened, ok? ;)

  7. Ha ha, it's ok Meggin. We'll chalk it up to your ear infection, you poor thing.

  8. And copy away Amy! My ideas are all copied from someone else anyway :)

  9. Oh man! I seriously thought you were announcing! :) You look so cute and so does logan for that matter! :)