Thursday, September 8, 2011

From a Low Angle

Well gosh you guys, I've really been the chump of this challenge. 

When Young Women's hijacked my life the other day I just could not get it together to get a picture up on the blog. Luckily everything went great last night - we volunteered at a homeless shelter and provided crafts and treats for the adorable kids there - and now I can resume blogging.

It's almost as good for the world as bringing joy to children in need.

So, here is my low angle picture. 
My neighbor has sunflowers in her garden (a practice that I will shamelessly copy next year) and they are tall enough to shine their faces over our fence. 

I love them. 


  1. glad your volunteering went well!

  2. That would go under "frame-able" on my pinterest boards.

    Oh dear. Is it freakish that I'm now classifying everything I see under pinterest boards I have?

  3. I love this picture more because it has a bee in it.

  4. I love your pictures both above and below. Your beautiful artistic nature is shining through.