Friday, September 23, 2011

Challenge Schmallenge

Eh. And this is why I'm not a professional blogger. Among other reasons.

 I'll get on it again sometime, promise.

In the meantime, check out what has been consuming my life the last week.
Logan is turning 2 on Sunday! I know. Two years ago I was a cankled, swollen, stretched out, excited, and naive mama to be. 

Now I'm just naive and still a little stretched out.

Anyway, to celebrate Logan's achievement of surviving in this house thus far, we threw a party with him and 11 of his closest friends.

Cars themed.
I think know everyone thought I was crazy for having a party with a bunch of 2-year-olds, but it was the best! Logan loves his friends and talks about them constantly so having them all in one place was heaven for him.

And I had a ball getting ready for it.

Yes, yes we did make a balloon arch.
Annnnnd I should have done a tutorial on this! I didn't even think about it, mostly because I wasn't sure it would really work. If you want to know how to make an easy balloon arch let me know, and I'll show you how.

Here's a shot of the food table with some of the fixins. 
I did start to do a tutorial on those "tires" on the right but they didn't turn out as cute as I wanted so I had to abandon ship.

They were delicious though.

Here's the present table, sans presents. It was hard to take pictures while the party was going on. I'm impressed I got any pictures at all and those I do have are mostly courtesy of Kelly and my dear Mother-in-law (who totally saved the day by coming early and distracting Logan while I finished the final touches) wielding my camera.

We're missing a few kids, but here they are having lunch in all their little cuteness. 

Logan has heard the birthday song before for other people and was thrilled to hear us all singing his name.

After they were done with lunch we decorated cookies...

and then opened presents.

I loved this picture because you can see Logan's little moment of excitement amid all the chaos.

After opening the first present, which he loved, he was ready to run away and play with it, but the other kids weren't willing to let the rest of those presents go unopened so they helped unwrap the rest.

Meanwhile Logan is looking at all the other cool things coming out of the wrapping paper and realizing they they are for him too. Don't worry, he got to play with all his toys in the end.

One last shot of the crew!
Thanks everyone for making Logan's 4-days-before-his-birthday Day so wonderful!

And for not destroying my house.



  1. GAH! I'm so bummed we had to miss! BOOOO. But happy birthday Logan! Looks like you threw quite the party! :)

  2. You are crazy! I'm not doing friend b-day parties until my kids are 4. I'm so mean! :)

  3. Yay! Looks like a fun little party! I love planning birthday parties. I'm already planning the next 2 years' parties for the kids. Ha ha!

  4. It was tons of fun. Thanks. Your new blog design/layout looks great.

    "Frog whisperer" i love it.