Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self portrait

Last night while I was at mutual Tyson made Logan laugh so hard that he threw up. So Logan really does like Tyson better than me. It's cool, I can handle it. To ease my heart Tyson did tell me that while he was rocking him before bed Logan stared at the door saying "mom? mom? mom?" for about five minutes straight.

So on to the real reason I'm blogging today. Uh... I'm doing another challenge for myself. My friend Kelly found this idea on pinterest (oh yes, I did just bring that up again, are you sick of hearing about it yet?) and I though it sounded fun. 

It's a 30 day photography challenge from White Peach Photography.

Now, I'm not trying to be a real photographer by any means, but I am always looking for things to blog about and it would be nice for me to actually be worthy of the equipment we have. 

I actually used our "real" camera (still on auto, I'm working on that) and Pioneer Woman's seventies action in Photoshop. Baby steps, baby steps.
I think I would have looked good in the seventies.

I love photos. They can do such a great job disguising the chaos that could be happening right next to you. For example, while I took this picture there was "momMomma!Pizza!Milk!Light!carsmomOUTSIDE!water?Water?WATER!!??" happening right next to me. 
I have to admit in spite of my recent complaints (which I feel kinda bad about) he really has been pretty charming lately. He has started singing to himself and copying what I sing as we go around the house. You know I love that. And he is so precious when he puts his little hands on my cheeks and says "Mama" in this voice full of love. So sweet!

I'll keep him still.

So anyway, that was day one, the self portrait. Hopefully I can come up with more interesting things to say about the rest of the pictures or this could be a loooong challenge. 

Love you all!


  1. Hey, I just stopped by from MMB. I like the self-portrait! I always want to start those photo challenge things, but I wimp out every single time. :D

  2. Great picture! I just put mine up :) Don't you love all the effects you can add to make the pictures look so much better? I totally Photoshopped mine...yay for challenges and photoshop!

  3. LOVE it. You would look great in the 70's donning your bell bottoms, brown chevron vest and peace necklace. Lol!

  4. That picture is awesome. You're beautiful!

  5. Ummm, hello America's Next Top Model! Next time they open ANTM to petite girls again, we're gonna audition, yeah? And you blog remodeled! I like it!

  6. I love the photo challenge idea. I'm scared of self portraits though. Talk about SCARY upclose (your FB post)... uh... yeah... me. :)

  7. Looking sexy momma! I love the picture challenge. I fell off the blogging bandwagon so long ago. I think this would help me get into the habit.